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How Does A QR Code System Help Your Brands?

How Does A QR Code System Help Your Brands?

2021 is a special year with the return of several old trends such as Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) and QR Codes. Being introduced in the 90s, QR Code Systems have made a big comeback with progressive improvements in the Fintech industry. Due to COVID-19 outbreaks, people are looking for cashless payment methods such as …

Crucial Elements for a Sale-boost E-commerce Website


All businesses are now craving an efficient eCommerce website development solution since the boom of the pandemic, which has resulted in millions of physical stores shutting down across the globe. Since the struggle of competing among billions of merchants is now getting more intense, it is best to get a hold of the way to …

Yes, a Vietnam-based Software Team Can be Your Dark Horse

Software Outsourcing in Vietnam

Most businesses still have conservations over Vietnam IT outsourcing services due to various misconceptions. This situation is understandable as geographic distance and information overload can cause confusion. So to clear up these misunderstandings, let’s decode the three most popular myths, and find out if the Vietnam-based software outsourcing team can actually live up to your …

Compare These 5 Factors to Find Your Best-suited eCommerce Platform

tip to select ecommerce platform

“Why would I need to know these things? The tech consultants hired would have the responsibility to tell me anyway?” The thing is that a high-converting eCommerce site is deeply rooted in its business core. And that business core of yours is only you to understand inside out. The consultants might be right with their …

Best CMS For Ecommerce Website Development In 2021


The global pandemic and social distancing have magnified the growth of eCommerce, with online shopping currently accounts for almost 15% of all retail purchases worldwide and is predicted to reach 23% by 2025. If you are considering stepping into the golden era of eCommerce by establishing your own online store, researching CMS, which serves as …

How DX Helps Renewable Energy Companies Meet Rising Demand

Digital transformation

According to Deloitte, renewable growth may accelerate in 2021 as the new administration starts to execute on a platform that includes rejoining the Paris Climate Accord, investing $2 trillion in clean energy, and fully decarbonizing the power sector by 2035 in order to achieve a larger goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Despite these …

Software Development: Balancing Art, Science, and Business

blockchain development outsourcing

Software development has often been stereotyped as an overly technical profession or an industry filled with people who are obsessed with data and numbers with no room for any creative expression. While the more tangible aspects of the job do revolve around technical knowledge, there is plenty of space for other considerations. We were able …

Top 5 eCommerce Trends of 2021

Top 5 eCommerce Trends of 2021

E-commerce has been one of the few winning industries during the global pandemic, with Covid-19 pushing more consumers online than ever. According to estimates by Digital Commerce 360, the pandemic contributed an addition of $150 billion to the US Online Sale revenue and accelerated the development pace of E-commerce by 2 years ahead. E-commerce is …

Software Developments as a Service vs IT Outsourcing? What are the differences?

Software Developments as a Service vs IT Outsourcing? What are the differences?

You might have heard of the term “SaaS” – “Software as a Service”, referring to a software licensing and delivery model. How about “Software Development as a Service” – “SDaaS”? – a term for software development and licensing model, which can be highly beneficial for your company if you consider streamlining or outsourcing your software …

Overview: the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Software Development

I) What is SDLC -Software Development Life Cycle? Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) acts as an important framework for creating high-quality software. SDLC is a popular methodology used in software development services, which defines clear processes to be followed, from planning to deploying and maintaining high-quality software. A typical Software Development Life Cycle consists of the …



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