Global Software Development Services

Sota Tek has quickly become one of the leading IT Outsourcing and Software Development Agency in both Vietnam and APAC region as a whole.

We deliver full-cycle services that cover all aspects of Software Engineering, from Web App and Mobile App development to Software Testing and Quality Assurance.

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Offshore development

Offshore Development

Our talented team with standardized work process management create the optimal development model allowing customers make the most of offshore development for their business.

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  • SESystem Engineer
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Business Process Details PIC
Sotatek Customer


Sales ( Explore new customers )

How are customers (newly developed customers, existing customers) trying to develop current work or new business? For that, collect information on whether it is possible to cope with improvement of the system under operation, or to develop a new system.


Hearing the voice of the customer

Confirm the details of the tasks to be systematized, the requirements on the system, the trend of systematization of other companies in the same industry of the client, the operation start time, the development budget, the development organization, etc.


System planning, proposal ( rough  estimate )

We propose a system planning  (systematization method, estimated development cost, development period, team structure, etc) for solving the customer's problem, cost effectiveness etc. By repeating this proposal several times, while resolving customer's doubts and concerns, we will strengthen the contents of proposals and estimates as well as build trusting relationships with customers at the same time.



Proposal (development cost, development time, quality goal, delivery date, etc.) and if they meet the customer's standards,  we will get an order from the customer and the contract is signed.


Requirement definition

Define tasks to be systematized (tasks that make computers work), functions and features that the system should have.


Design (basic design, package design, program design)

Based on the requirement definition, for example designing the entire system such as input/output (screen, form, database, etc.), processing method, testing method, security ensuring method, operation method. System functions are gradually divided into small functions (system ⇒ subsystem ⇒ program) and made into a detailed design for each package, subsystems, programs.


Program Development

Encode the contents of the program design document in languages that can be processed by the computer (Java, C, etc.) (describe the program).


Test (unit test, integration test, system test)

Confirm that programs, subsystems and the whole system run according to the design document.
Unit testing, integration testing of subsystem combining several programs, system testing.


Acceptance Test

Based on real data actually used by customers, verify whether the system operates as requested.



As a result of the operation test, when it is judged that it can be shifted to the actual operation, deliver the deliverables (design document, program, operation manual, etc.) to the customer. (The customer starts operation of the delivered system.)



 Involves fixing defects, and corresponds to requests for user's addition (function addition) etc. When adding functions,  the flow is repeated to develop.
  • PMProject Manager
  • SESystem Engineer
  • PGProgrammer

ODC Contract

      Project fee is based on man hours required to complete the task.
        Development work is carried out according to the customer's instructions during the contract period.
        Able to change details of the project midway in order to fit the clients need.
【Suitable cases】
        New service developments.
        Ongoing projects.
        Demo applications, prototype developments.

Project-based Contract

      Fee is based on the delivered product.
      Development work is carried out according to specifications and design documents.
      When changing the specification, the delivery date / cost may change accordingly.
【Suitable cases】
      Development for clear requirements.
      One-shot project.


We use chat tools such as Chatwork and Slack as the communication tool for internal exchange inside our company as well as for the external exchange with our customers, when we need set up a video conference, Skype is chosen as the standard tool. In the daily progress management, we use (JIRA) and Source code is managed by Github. All correspondence with customers is handled in English or Japanese.



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