Whole Earth


Web-based, Mobile Apps


Ruby, React, Android, PHP

Development MODEL


team size

6 developers




Whole Earth Foundation

Map and Blockchain

We were glad to serve clients from the Whole Earth Foundation (WEF). This is an organization that exclusively establishes, supplies, and operates an infrastructure information platform for citizen participation.


Our clients were in need of an outsourcing team building a platform where users support the map by providing information of the environment, infrastructure and earn crypto coins as rewards. That explained why they reached SotaTek.


After having further discussions, SotaTek decided to set up a team of 6 dedicated developers. We applied blockchain and machine learning to the map to satisfy the clients’ requirements. Besides, we used some technologies, including Ruby, React, Android and PHP.


This is a one-of-a-kind data exchange ecosystem with some unique features:

  • The general public can access the environmental database and supply data to earn utility tokens.
  • Infrastructure service providers can utilize the environmental database and tools created by third-party developers to improve development projects’ efficiency.
  • Partners can access the environmental database to develop novel tools that benefit the infrastructure and the environment, help publicize our project and vision to the world.

Over the course of 5 months, six SotaTek’s developers have successfully established Whole Earth World Map & Blockchain. This final product satisfied our clients, and after launching to the public, it still runs smoothly as well as receives support from the users.