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Top 3 Key Benefits Of Integrating Blockchain In Real Estate Sector


In the subsequent widespread application of Blockchain across industries, it’s hard to find a segment that has not been influenced by this technology. Compared to other sectors, the Real Estate Industry seems to be quite slow in adopting this digitized ledger because trading high-value assets such as Real Estate through digital platforms has never been …

Payroll Fintech: An Alternative to Traditional Payroll

Payroll Fintech: An Alternative to Traditional Payroll

A few years ago, Fintech was introduced as a future of finance but at that time, it was just an unfamiliar term among financial services. By this year, Fintech, with blockchain integration, has witnessed a significant rise in the number of users and is predicted to reach $309 billion by 2022 with a 25% increase …

All You Need To Know About DEX Development With AMM

All you need to know about DEX Development

Nowadays, non-fungible tokens have been a hot button in the blockchain market, leading to the rising demand for cryptocurrency exchanges. Among exchange platforms existing in the market, decentralized exchanges are gaining great attention currently. Now, in DEX Development, order books and Automated Market Makers are the most popular protocols. Let’s take a look with us …

NFT Smart Contract Development: The Lifeblood of Non-fungible Tokens

NFT Smart Contract Development: The Lifeblood of Non-fungible Tokens

2021 is a year for Non-fungible tokens (NFT), with several successful NFT projects, including Jack Dorsey’s first tweet ($2.9 million), a digital artwork collection by Grimes ($6 million), and “Beeple” ($69 million). Realizing the enormous potential of NFTs, many influencers such as  Michael Jordan, Mark Cuban, and 2 Chainz, decided to invest millions of dollars …

Which One Is More Effective for DEX Development: Order book or AMM?

Which one is more effective for DEX Development: order book or AMM

Thanks to the rise in demand for decentralized finance (DeFi), centralized exchanges (CEXs) and decentralized exchanges (DEXs) are receiving great attention than ever before. DEXs are predicted to be huge in the near future because it can solve intermediary problems, keep users anonymous, provide better security, and more choice of tokens than centralized exchanges. An …

Create Your Own NFT Tokens with Non-Fungible Token Development Services

Create Your Own NFT Tokens on Popular Blockchain Platforms with Non-Fungible Token Development Services

The majority of business holders have begun to use its secret platform to create tokens. Now is the time to talk about the most advanced and modern form of tokens: non-fungible tokens (commonly known as NFT). The use of Non-Fungible Tokens is becoming more common in our daily lives. Non-fungible Tokens, according to some experts, …

DEX Development – A New Wave in Crypto Exchange

DEX Development - A New Wave in Crypto Exchange

2021 has witnessed a boom in cryptocurrencies, with the global market cap reaching a new all-time high. New trends in the blockchain market such as Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are bringing cryptocurrencies to the top of blockchain headlines. It leads to an increase in interest and demand for DeFi (Decentralized Finance). As a part of DeFi, …

NFT Marketplace Development: How Much Does It Cost?

NFT Marketplace Development: How Much Does It Cost?

In the modern digital market world, Non-Fungible Token is undoubtedly the trendsetter. Investors, creators, and individuals have recently been involved in the purchase and sale of digital assets as NFTs. Experts from SotaTek provide readers with useful information. Stay tuned to this blog for more information on how much NFT Marketplace development costs. We’ll also …

4 Key Blockchain Use Cases in E-commerce Sector

4 key blockchain use cases in e-commerce sector

There is no doubt that blockchain is going to revolutionarily change the world. Blockchain can be defined as a decentralized and distributed ledger that stores all the transaction information in blocks over a peer-to-peer network. It provides immutable, transparent, and shared systems while remaining private. That’s why blockchain technology is a perfect fit for the …

What Is NFT Game Development? Why Is This Trend Exploding in 2021?

What is NFT Game Development? Why is This Trend Exploding in 2021?

A new but not entirely new “Play-To-Earn” trend has recently emerged, which has been thriving for a long time since the trend of non-fungible tokens (NFT) ended with several tokens seeing increases of up to several hundred percent. There are several professional NFT game development services that have delivered a thrilling experience with crypto collectibles. …



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