We are pleased to announce that SotaTek Japan and World Link signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on May 20, 2024, aiming at technological innovation and market expansion. This strategic partnership combines the expertise of SotaTek Japan, a leading IT services company, and World Link, which specializes in logistics and financial system development.

1. About SotaTek Japan Co., Ltd.

Headquartered in Vietnam, SotaTek Japan provides advanced IT solutions to drive business success through digital transformation. Known as a leading company in software development and blockchain technology, SotaTek Japan is dedicated to offering services in Japan, including software development, blockchain technology, AI, and machine learning, with a team of experts.

2. About World Link Co., Ltd.

World Link Co., Ltd. is renowned for its expertise in logistics and financial system development, offering consulting and system development services to clients worldwide. The company aims to foster the development of innovative and efficient solutions.

3. Conclusion

Daniel Vu, the representative of SotaTek Japan Co., Ltd., and Shinichi Murata, President and CEO of World Link Co., Ltd., successfully held the signing ceremony at SotaTek's headquarters in Hanoi, Vietnam. The cooperation between SotaTek Japan and World Link is not merely a technical integration but also a unification of visions and goals. Both companies will leverage their experience and skills to explore new business opportunities together, expanding their presence in the international market. Let's embark on this journey driven by a shared desire for innovation, collaboration, and excellence.


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