SotaTek is honored to become a Technical Partner of Klaytn, a public blockchain focused on the metaverse, gamefi, and the creator economy. The aim of this collaboration is to contribute to the development of a stable blockchain ecosystem and improve the Klaytn platform to bring about the best blockchain experience for end-users.

A Collaboration to Promote the Klaytn Ecosystem

In 2021, SotaTek seized the chance to partner with Klaytn, a blockchain project that aims to be the metaverse blockchain for all. Recognizing Klaytn's vision of creating an inclusive, vibrant metaverse that is open for all to build on and enjoy, we decided to build and strengthen the Klaytn ecosystem together.

Our collaboration is still on the rise, heading towards long-term commitment and effective partnerships between the two parties. As a Technical Partner, Sotatek will be embarking on a new project with Klaytn. Through this mutual project, we will be strengthening the Klaytn platform to support and enable a metaverse-sized ecosystem. Stay tuned to find out more about what we’re building together!.

About Klaytn

Klaytn is a public blockchain focused on the metaverse, gamefi, and the creator economy. Officially launched in June 2019, it is the dominant blockchain platform in South Korea and is now undergoing global business expansion from its international base in Singapore.

These business expansion activities are supported by the US$500m Klaytn Growth Fund, which aims to grow the ecosystem of companies built on Klaytn. The fund is managed and disbursed by Klaytn Foundation, a Singapore-based non-profit organization established in August 2021.

About SotaTek

SotaTek is a part of Sota Holdings, a global Software Development as a Service (SDaaS) & IT Consulting group with 8 international offices in Vietnam, the US, Australia & Japan. Since 2015, our in-house employees have been providing numerous “State-of-the-art” technology, including Blockchain Development, Custom Software Development, AI and Machine Learning, Cloud Management Systems, and Odoo ERP.

With the aim to deliver top-notch IT services, we have become a trusted Technical partner to clients from 20+ nations, with 750+ in-house employees working on 350+ projects from different industries, such as Fintech, Health Care, Logistics, Manufacturing, F&B, Retail, Real Estate, Education, Media & Entertainment.

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