Uncover 5 Tips To Optimize UX Design In Mobile eCommerce App

It can’t be denied that the explosive growth of the eCommerce industry has raised a demand for online stores to adapt to mobile experiences. Especially in the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for shopping via Mobile App is increasing than ever before due to the reduced-contact instructions or the lockdown time. More than 80% of Americans have made a purchase online while this figure was just only 11,6% three years ago. Therefore, many eCommerce businesses are looking for an IT Outsourcing Partner to build a Mobile eCommerce App with the hope to retain existing customers, attract new ones and boost revenue. To achieve these goals, eCommerce UX is among the important factors. But why is it? And how to optimize it in Mobile App Development to achieve the highest efficiency? Let’s check it out to learn more! 

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1. What is UX Design? Why Is UX Important in Mobile eCommerce App?

UX is the short form of “User Experience”, which describes the interaction between users and products, services, or systems. When referring to UX Design, it focuses on the factor that shapes this experience, such as “What feelings do the users raise when using this product?”, and “Is it easy for the users to accomplish their desired tasks?”. This could be anything ranging from how a physical product feels in the customers’ hands to how straightforward the checkout process is when making an online purchase, for instance. To sum up, UX Design aims to bring about easy, efficient, and pleasant experiences for the users.

There is no doubt that UX Design is among the most essential factors that define the market leader. Take an example of some large retailers such as Apple or Amazon. Although they are not the first company in their sector, they still become successful with a huge number of customers as well as a large proportion of market share. This is because they have invested millions of dollars in designing a good UX to change the ways users interact with their products. And the story of UX Design in Mobile eCommerce App is not much different. While it may be easy to build a digital store that is accessible from a mobile device, the importance of highly optimized mobile UX is often under-stressed. According to the research of Baynard Institute, the rate of digital cart abandonment was roughly 70%, meaning that the revenue is lost almost at the point of conversion. The reason for this situation can be a lack of trust in security, no suitable payment options or complicated checkout process, etc. Luckily, all these problems can be solved by eCommerce UX Design.

2. 05 Tips To Enhance UX In Mobile eCommerce App

a. Utilize Biometric Login

According to the 2019 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 80% of hacking-related breaches are due to compromised, weak, and reused passwords. Therefore, to make it easy for users whenever they log in to the app as well as improve the security, adding the Biometric feature is a worth-trying solution. Instead of using passwords, PINs, or “secret” questions, the security process now uses unique biological characteristics such as irises, retinas, voices, facial features, and fingerprints to verify an individual’s identity. Thanks to the uniqueness of such characteristics in each person, the Biometric Login is considered a more secure choice than a traditional one. Besides, remembering several passwords seems to be difficult for many people, and to make matters worse, if they forget the passwords, the recovery process is time-consuming and complicated. By contrast, the Biometric Login no doubt just takes a few seconds to be done, which would enhance the customer experience and retention.

Adding Biometric login in Mobile eCommerce App can enhance the customer experience

Adding Biometric login in a Mobile eCommerce App can enhance the customers' experience.

b. Optimize Search Button In Mobile eCommerce App

Although some users may know exactly what they need, others just want to explore. Therefore, the Search Button is essential to be well-designed in order to satisfy the customers’ needs. eBay believes that the app search is one of the most critical functionalities for any online shoppers and it needs to be emphasized by placing it in the center and above the fold on the interface.

Besides, it is highly recommended to provide advanced filtering options in the Search Button. For example, if the customers are searching for “A Floral dress”, the Mobile eCommerce App should show all kinds of floral dresses and nothing else. Such features could help customers to find their desired products quickly and effortlessly, which translates into a sales increase. Moreover, adding voice search or image recognition in Search Button can be a good idea to bring about convenience and ease, hence boosting the users’ experience.

c. Support Image-Zooming And Microinteractions

Normally, people tend to do some gestures such as double-tapping and pinching to zoom in to images on their gadget devices. Similar to the eCommerce sector, prior to making a purchase, online shoppers always want to inspect the products thoroughly, and have a close look, at even the smallest details. If they couldn’t explore it by zooming in, they wouldn’t feel comfortable buying it and often wouldn’t commit to the sale. Therefore, the image-zooming feature is necessary to make the experience simpler, if not, the rate of cart abandonment and existing apps would increase significantly. 

Along with Image-Zooming, Microinteractions are another criterion to improve Mobile Shopping UX. Microinteractions stand for the details that can improve the single-screen interface. Some example forms of micro-interactions are liking and rating a product, choosing different colors and sizes, swiping down to refresh data, etc. Rather than doing such tasks on different screens, integrating all the functionalities in the form of micro-interactions to make the processes easy will reduce users’ anxiety, and boost overall comfort.

d. Provide A “Save” Feature For Shopping Cart

Almost all the customers are interested in window shopping. Actually, they do not have an intention of buying anything specific. They just access the Mobile eCommerce App in their free time, come across something beautiful or useful, and keep them in mind to buy them later. At that time, the “Save” button can facilitate it. Moreover, such a feature, which 55% of online shoppers make use of, can somehow decrease the proportion of cart abandonment. For example, if they do not have enough money at that time, they can easily come back later to buy without having to search again. Therefore, it can be said that a persistent shopping cart would let the customers continue shopping in a convenient and time-saving way.

e. Offer Smooth And Speedy Checkout With Various Payment Options

35% of shopping carts are abandoned just due to the complexity and many requirements of the checkout process. Therefore, it is essential to build an easy, fast, and secure one. Firstly, don’t ask the shoppers to fill in the information again and again. Instead, remember their registration information and automatically save it in the system. Such information should be through encryption and tokenization practices to keep safe. Don’t forget to add the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), a security protocol that provides privacy, authentication, and integrity to Internet communications. 

Furthermore, in the cashless area, people have gradually shifted their habit to utilize digital payment options. So, your eCommerce businesses should request the Mobile App Developer to integrate some common payment methods, such as digital wallets (Google Pay, Apple Pay), VISA, credit cards, etc. Accommodate as many options as possible to suit your digital users to reduce the risk of sales loss. 

The eCommerce Mobile App should integrate some common payment options

The eCommerce Mobile App should integrate some common payment options, such as eWallet, credit card, VISA,... to suit the customers' needs.

3. Final Thoughts

In conclusion, online shoppers always expect a Mobile Application that runs smoothly, looks beautiful, and adapts to their behaviors. Therefore, in such a highly competitive sector like eCommerce, building a platform with good UX design, right from the start, would definitely make a huge difference in your sales revenue. 

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