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Global SDaaS / Blockchain & IT Consulting

Our dedicated and highly professional team strives to provide our global clients with full-stack solutions by multiple platforms, languages in a timely manner.

Global Presence

Our global offices provide seamless services worldwide. We code while you sleep!

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2F, 7F & 11F, CIC Tower, Lane 219 Trung Kinh Street, Cau Giay, Hanoi, Vietnam
7F, Golden Park, No.2 Pham Van Bach, Yen Hoa, Cau Giay, Ha Noi, Vietnam
5F, Ginza Sky Building, 3-13-4, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061, Japan
Tel: 03 6281 5704
5F Sugimoto Building, 1-4-7 Tokui-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Japan
555 Anton Blvd, Costa Mesa, CA 92626, Southern California, USA
Level 5, 75 Castlereagh Street Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia
Teheran-ro 21-gil 5, Inners tower 6th floor Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
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Our Clients

Proudly partnered with 250+ clients from diverse industries including Banking & Finance, Automotive, Retail, Health Care, Education, Media & Entertainment

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“We were looking for an offshore company partner and finally we found SotaTek and had started working with them since September 2022. (...) They helped us pay down the technical debt and also accelerate our development. Without SotaTek, we wouldn’t be able to actually handle so many technical initiatives. Thanks to SotaTek, we were able to deliver all of them in time. So if you are looking for an offshore engineering team. I’d recommend SotaTek.”

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Andrew Jeon

CEO – Wesang

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“Lemon Healthcare aims to extend its presence beyond South Korea into Southeast Asia. For that reason, we decided to choose SotaTek. SotaTek is already making a name for itself in Vietnam  as a professional outsourcing company. We needed the ability of SotaTek. Through this, we intend to localize and expand smart hospital ERP in Southeast Asia and help both companies grow.”

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Steve Hong

CEO – Lemon Healthcare

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“SOTATEK JSC successfully helped numerous clients to accelerate their digital transformation. Several apps and platforms were launched and received positive feedback from the end users, ultimately increasing customer base and revenue by 140%. Overall, they had an effective and collaborative workflow.”

Leo Vu

CEO of Fizen.io

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“SOTATEK JSC exceeded the client's expectations with the final product they produced. They finished the project a month ahead of schedule, enabling the platform to go live on the pre-scheduled date with full functionality. Moreover, the vendor facilitated a smooth, honest workflow between both teams.”

Luu Trung Nguyen

CEO & Founder of Satom Venture Studio

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“SotaTek is a reliable software delivery partner to work with. They are honest and easy to communicate. There are little to no administrative hurdles & very flexible. They stick to their commitments and deliver reliably.”

Josef Puchinger

Technology Leader/CTO at Privé Technologies

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“We have collaborated with SotaTek to build our own blockchain platform and mobile apps based on Icetea platform. And their high-quality work speaks for itself. Totally satisfied with the code, design, and features. There were almost no bugs or technical issues as the app & platform were running smoothly. The greatest in-house team we have ever worked with. Definitely would give them five stars!!”

Thi Truong

CEO & Founder of Polka Foundry

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“I am the Co-founder and CEO of Kyber Network, who directly worked with SotaTek in various projects and got to know their founders, Tyler and William, for a long time. I have worked with their team a few times, and the experience overall was always beyond expectation. SotaTek has several skilled developers with good experience in blockchains and building scalable technical solutions in general. They always delivered their work before the expected date with amazing quality.”

Loi Luu

CEO – Kyber Network

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"We gave our ideas, vision and SotaTek’s comprehensive technical knowledge made it possible for Travala to build and incorporate multiple areas of blockchain within the platform. What even better is that changes were done in a timely manner if requested, which undoubtedly met the international standards. It feels natural to have a partner with the same mindset as us, who we can always trust and ensure that nothing is impossible."

Matthew Luczynsky Ba (Hons)

CEO & Co-Founder of Travala.com

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“SotaTek is one of the most important partners of us. We can always come to them for IT Consultancy and receive the most suitable tech solutions to make our products better. After years of our cooperation, I am totally reassured about the technical capabilities of their developers, their responsibility, commitment, open-minded attitude, and determination to make any project done.”

Kosuke Saito

CEO – Brainlab

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“Vietnam is putting emphasis on IT education, and their young and excellent IT engineers are increasing. Also, Vietnam and Korea share many similarities, communication is easy. In addition, the fact that the time difference is small makes the communication between Korea and Vietnam smoother. SotaTek is one of the best IT companies we have worked with. We appreciate that SotaTek has detailed support not only for securing and introducing talented engineers but also on the actual operation.”

Hyn Jun Seo

CEO – GNDPLUS Corporation

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“I met Teddy at a business meeting. Although it was a short business meeting, when we talked about what we were in trouble, he and SotaTek prepared a response team immediately. The response team was excellent for technical communication with young and excellent engineers, there was no ambiguity, and we corresponded accurately. Thanks to you for completing the project, I am very grateful. Thank you for your continued long relationship.”

照 誠之助

CEO – Asia Base

Sotatek is recognized by global organizations


2021 & 2022 Leading Software Development
Company Awarded by the VINASA

Awards & Recognitions

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