i-HIS Hospital Management Windows Software




C#, Oracle, .NET, Winform


100 man month


11 developers




Japanese Partner

Hospital Management Windows Software

SotaTek developed and updated a Hospital Management Windows Software that has been operating in more than 150 hospitals across Japan. Their initial software was an outdated system written in the Delphi programming language. We managed to change and use an up-to-date technology which is C# .Net and Oracle framework. The client provides a digital compacted solution for Patients’ Profiles Management at Japanese Hospitals. They reached out to SotaTek in 2018, and after 1.5 years, they had been launched with over 1 million code lines. The software was immediately adopted in more than 10 Japanese Hospitals, proved to be excellently efficient, and proposed to 1000 other Japanese centers to replace the current systems


– Connecting directly with DICOM devices to send and receive X-Ray and CT data

– Reading and analyzing test results direct from hospital appliances – Managing the entire patients’ information system, including insurance details, visit history, past prescription, test results…

– Providing a consistent and efficient managerial solution for hospitals, connecting processes from welcoming patients, check-ups to payment.

– Offering API Interface to showcase and update data on both Ipad and Tablets


– Japanese Medical Industry has various complicated features and professional regulations

– The software had to connect smoothly with DICOM devices as well as other testing systems of the hospital

– The old working system was to be replaced with this new system, which demanded the new product to maintain the current accuracy while allowing much higher efficiency.


– Researching intensively on Japanese Medical processes and regulations

– Designing a system that enables Uni Test with all the difficult professional parts to guarantee accuracy as well as reducing risks of degrading the system’s functions due to handling bugs adopting new features.