Our Delivery Models

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Delivery Models

Offshore Model

The best way to cut down your cost! Benefitting from offshore model, we provide highly skilled developers at very competitive price!

  • Effective cost savings
  • Single point of contact
  • Clear, responsive communications

Delivery Models

Onsite Model

Your data cannot leave your facility? No problem! Our personnel can come and work directly with you, at the same place, same time, ensuring maximum security & communication!

  • Face - to - face communication with team members
  • Maximum control and coordination of time and effectiveness
  • Maximize security, minimize communication gap
  • Optimize recruitment costs

Delivery Models

Hybrid Model

Still wanna cut cost while maximizing interactions? Have our BrSE or PM working directly with you while interacting with our developers from far away!

  • Transparent project status and clear communication at all levels
  • In - depth understanding of each other’s working styles leading to long - term benefits
  • Optimized resources, quality, project, and process management
  • Cost advantages of having offshore software developers

Engagement Models

We offer 02 main cooperation types for Our Clients, including Offshore Development Centre (ODC) and Project-based, depending on specific requirements.

Offshore Development Centre (ODC)
Project - Based Contract
  • Based on capital resources required for the specific project
  • Based on the requirements of the delivered product
  • Team of top quality software engineer and managers
  • Frequently updated progress of development
  • Flexible and adaptable to changes midway through the project
  • Diverse choices of development models available
  • Team of top quality software engineer and managers
  • Development carried out according to specific requirements and instructions
  • Changes in requirement would change costs and delivery date
Recommended cases
  • New services development
  • On-going projects
  • Demo applications and prototypes
  • One-shot project
  • Project with clear requirements