Software Testing & QA Services

SotaTek offers a wide range of independent software testing & QA services that adhere to the highest levels of security and industry standards. Using our testing labs, vast QA expertise, and team flexibility, we are able to increase the quality of your product while reducing time-to-market, management risks, and operating costs.



Web App Testing

Sota Tek’s advanced web testing services include all essential elements of Website Application, from general Quality Assurance (QA) to performance and security evaluation, ensuring the best experiences for your end-users. Through extensive processes, our testing team can evaluate your web app functions and how it interfaces with various browsers across multiple devices. Upon gaining such insights, we can provide you with solutions


Mobile App Testing

Many mobile apps are released and disappeared within just weeks of launching due to unsatisfactory experiences and feedback from users, which means all the resources spent on this mobile app development go futile. To avoid such distressing incidents, Sota Tek offers quality Mobile App Testing services for all enterprises. Our Testing packages include both functional and non-functional features of your mobile apps. We investigate specific Upon gaining such insights. We can provide you with solutions


Functional Testing

Our end-to-end functional testing services put all the aspects of the software into intensive testing processes against its stated required functions to ensure the products are running smoothly and as desired by the company. Upon gaining such insights, we can provide you with solutions


Usability Testing

Usability testing, also known as User Experience testing, aims at monitoring all behaviors of the software and ensure a smooth experience for customers. Sota Tek’s usability testing focuses intensively on end users’ ease of accessing the services and using the software. Through understanding customers’ behaviors deeply, we predict potential issues and guarantee a seamless experience. Upon gaining such insights, we can provide you with solutions


Compatibility Testing

Softwares these days are expected to run smoothly on various devices, which demands Compatibility Testing Processes. Compatibility Testing is non-functional testing, aims to check whether your software can run on various devices, operating systems, or Mobile devices. These compatibility tests would maximize your company’s ability to engage and reach out to customers. Upon gaining such insights, we can provide you with solutions


Security Testing

Bugs and hidden weaknesses in the software systems can lead to security breaches with serious consequences. Security Testing processes are designed to unveil the systems’ vulnerabilities, especially to protect the data and resources of the systems from external attacks and intruders. By employing Security Testing at an early phase, you can ensure that your applications are risk-free and well-protected


Performance Testing

While it might be tempting to integrate as much information as possible on your applications, these data might lead to performance issues such as low responsiveness or increased loading time. Our performance testing package, which puts your software and devices through extensive QA processes, would determine and optimize the responsiveness and stability of the applications under a specific workload.




Do you have additional questions?

What is Software Quality Assuarance?

Quality Assurance Testing means much more than Fixing Software Defects. It is about establishing quality standards needed to ensure the end-product meets pre-fixed expectation. At SotaTek, we guarantee softwares are at its best quality before launching.

Do all softwares need Testing and QA?

Absolutely. Testing and QA are essential as they significantly improve software reliability and ensure high-performance software operation.

Your main Engagement Model?

We offer 2 cooperation models for companies (1) Offshore Development Centre (ODC) and (2) Project-based contract, depending on specific requirements of each project. Find out more terms of each model at:

Are maintanence services included in the Development Package?

Maintenance and Post-launch Support services are available for all projects completed by SotaTek. Our main 5 extensive phases (Research and Define, Front-end Development, Back-end development, Acceptance Test, Deploy and Maintenance).

Our Warranty Policy covers maintenance within the first 3-6 months post launching, depending on each project specification.

How complete is my ownership?

You will have the absolute ownership of the whole project, which includes Intellectual property rights, copyright NDA, source code, etc.

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