Global Software Development as a Service (SDaaS) Corporation

SotaTek is the leading SDaaS company with 8 global offices in Vietnam, Australia, the US and Japan. We are your trusted Tech Partner who builds platforms with Clients’ users in mind.


We deliver full-cycle services that cover all aspects of end-to-end Software Engineering, including Web Development, Mobile App Development, Software Testing, and Quality Assurance.

Web Development

We are an expert in Web Development and Web Design, from sitemaps and wireframes/mock-up, consulting Technology Stacks (language, frameworks, CMS), Page Layout design, launch web, CRM Integration, responsive for devices and maintain. As a prestigious Amazon Web Service (AWS) Consulting Partner, we bring Cloud Computing solutions and Global Infrastructure approaches in Web Development Software with end-users in mind. 

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Web Development
Mobile Development

Mobile App Development

Witnessing the staggering increase in app usages, we bring Mobile App Development solutions to integrate diverse features for global Clients, from researching, goals defining, MVP creation, UX / UI App Design (App User Journey Maps, Wireframes, Motion Design, etc) to Coding, which are available on both iOS and Android. App Maintenance, further enhancement and statistics are also offered. 

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QA & Testing

Technological errors are costly and troublesome, especially when it comes to corporate levels. Our top-notch Software Quality Assurance (QA) service significantly lowers your maintenance expenses by Advanced Software Testing and continuous examining to prevent defects, ensure project quality requirements based on standard frameworks such as Scrum Development, Agile Testing.

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As the top Software Development Company, we use structured cutting-edge methodologies and technology to build the most up-to-date solutions following the SLDC.


Receive requirements and information from clients, include IT Consultancy to make suggestions and develop project estimations as per their expectations.


Based on the requirement specifications to prepare project documents, which helps in further stages.


Define overall system architecture and technology stack.


Our team of experts uses the chosen programming language, techniques, and methodologies to build the software


Evaluate the quality of software development, detect and fix defects.


The final software outcome is released and checked for deployment issues if any.


According to the service level agreement, we ensure continuous maintenance to perform as per the project scope and specification.



Our large and diverse data ecosystem includes up-to-date technology, platforms, and languages to ensure each qualified software development project is built.



Do you have additional questions?

What is your Development Methodology for both ideas/existing platforms?

Our standard approach is to keep our services as open-ended as possible for our clients. Hence, platforms developed from scratch or upgraded an owned app/website with existing systems are all offered.

(1) Agile Development Methodology, including scrum, crystal, extreme programming (XP), and feature-driven development (FDD). The main objective is to minimize risk (such as bugs, cost overruns, and changing requirements) when adding new functionality, which allows users to realize software benefits earlier, with frequent incremental improvements.

(2) Waterfall Development Methodology, consisting of sequential phases (requirements, design, implementation, verification, maintenance) focusing on distinct goals, which makes it easy to understand and manage and is suitable for projects with clear objectives and stable requirements.

Your main Engagement Model for development projects?

We offer 2 cooperation models for companies (1) Offshore Development Centre (ODC) and (2) Project-based contract, depending on specific requirements of each project. Find out more terms of each model at

Which technology stacks are used for development projects?

SotaTek is a Full-stack development agency. We offer end-to-end services from front-end to back-end, database management, and application logic. Visit for more details:

Are maintenance services included in the Development Package?

Maintenance and Post-launch Support services are available for all projects completed by SotaTek. Our main 5 extensive phases (Research and Define, Front-end Development, Back-end development, Acceptance Test, Deploy, and Maintenance).

Our Warranty Policy covers maintenance within the first 3-6 months post launching, depending on each project specification.

How complete is my ownership?

You will have absolute ownership of the whole project, including intellectual property rights, copyright NDA, source code, etc.

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