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Learn more about our health care industry consulting services with cutting-edge blockchain technology. We provide various Blockchain Development Services to upgrade healthcare management systems, clinical trials, healthcare DApps, and more.

How Is MedTech Transforming The Healthcare Industry?

How Is MedTech Transforming The Healthcare Industry?

Technology is changing every aspect of our lives to the better, and the healthcare industry is not the exception. A prediction has shown that technology-driven innovation holds the potential to improve the understanding of patients, enable the delivery of more convenient and personalized care, as a result, creating an annual value of between $350 billion …

SotaTek Is Recognized By Techreviewer As A Top Healthcare App Development Company

SotaTek is rewarded by Techreviewer as a top healthcare app development company

  SotaTek has been named one of the Top Healthcare App Developers by Techreviewer.co. The list of Healthcare App Development leaders was compiled based on the expertise, experience, quality of services, and reliability of the development companies. To make an assessment, Techreviewer collected information about our services and clients’ reviews, which placed us in the …

UX Design: Why Is It Important In Healthcare Software Development?

UX design: Why is it important in healthcare software development?

The more industries rely on Mobile Applications and Software Platforms, the more essential user experience (UX) design will be in any given practice. Healthcare industry, where tech tools are empowering all kinds of new solutions right now, is not the exception. Not only is it beneficial to the doctors but it improves the patient’s experiences …

Top 4 ERP Features That Companies in Healthcare Industry Uniquely Need

Top 4 ERP Features That Companies in Healthcare Industry Uniquely Need

Regardless of the various problems they encounter in terms of size and specialty, implementing the ideal healthcare ERP (enterprise resource planning) solution is critical across the healthcare industry. They all confront the common challenge: identifying patient and personnel management solutions that improve their abilities to give superior care while minimizing needless expenditures, risks, and inefficiencies. …

3 Challenges in Healthcare and How Blockchain Helps

3 challenges in healthcare and how blockchain helps

According to Deloitte, from 2020 to 2024, the spending for global healthcare is predicted to rise by about a nearly 4% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). Meanwhile, Asia and Australia have the fastest growth, at 5,3%. It means that the healthcare sector is developing rapidly and the demands for healthcare services are increasing. With the …



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