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SotaTek Marks Six-Year Anniversary

SotaTek Hits Notable Milestone As It Celebrates 6-Year Anniversary

Join us! SotaTek is celebrating our 6th Anniversary today, 11th August! 6 years ago, SotaTek was founded by a team of 7 talented founders, with decades of experience in the field. SotaTek stands for “State Of The Art Technology“, which expresses SotaTek’s ambition to become the top technology company. Six years later, that mission has …

Vietnamese Government honored SotaTek for contributing to COVID-19 Emergency Fund

SotaTek Donation

On the morning of June 17, the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of Hanoi City held a ceremony to receive support for the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic and purchase a vaccine against the Covid-19 epidemic. As the representatives of SotaTek Joint Stock Company, Mrs. Le Minh Huong, head of human resources department and …

SotaTek’s BODs Kick off the Opening of the Third Office in Vietnam

SotaTek khai trương văn phòng

The SotaTek’s Board of Directors attended the opening ceremony of the third office on the afternoon of June 4, 2021. The event was held at the new office’s lobby in joyful spirits while all safe distancing measures directed by the Ministry of Health are ensured. As SotaTek boosts its growth, the personnel soon accelerates in …

Crucial Elements for a Sale-boost E-commerce Website


All businesses are now craving an efficient eCommerce website development solution since the boom of the pandemic, which has resulted in millions of physical stores shutting down across the globe. Since the struggle of competing among billions of merchants is now getting more intense, it is best to get a hold of the way to …

Yes, a Vietnam-based Software Team Can be Your Dark Horse

Software Outsourcing in Vietnam

Most businesses still have conservations over Vietnam IT outsourcing services due to various misconceptions. This situation is understandable as geographic distance and information overload can cause confusion. So to clear up these misunderstandings, let’s decode the three most popular myths, and find out if the Vietnam-based software outsourcing team can actually live up to your …

Most Updated Blockchain Statistics and Facts 2021


Bitcoin has been in vogue these days as investors watch the price riding a roller coaster within every minute, dragging with it the whole cryptocurrency market with the emergence of several smaller cap coins such as Dogecoin. As cryptocurrencies gain even further popularity, Blockchain technology – the foundation of cryptocurrencies, also becomes a more “mainstream” …

Life Insurance Companies Use AI to Cater to Millennials


Only 10 percent of millennials have enough life coverage for all of their needs, which can include mortgages, retirement, or a child’s college education. This fact has presented a challenge to life insurance companies to persuade the younger generation to buy their products. However, the opportunity exists in problems. Many insurance firms step up the …

Compare These 5 Factors to Find Your Best-suited eCommerce Platform

tip to select ecommerce platform

“Why would I need to know these things? The tech consultants hired would have the responsibility to tell me anyway?” The thing is that a high-converting eCommerce site is deeply rooted in its business core. And that business core of yours is only you to understand inside out. The consultants might be right with their …

Discover Three Ways AI is Redefining Retail Sector

AI development in retail industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been the center of the talk for quite some time. Businesses and customers saw it as either expensive technology or unrealistic fiction in the short term. Yet here we are, living in the days when AI is no longer an alien norm but an accessible solution for everybody. And retailers are …

Best CMS For Ecommerce Website Development In 2021


The global pandemic and social distancing have magnified the growth of eCommerce, with online shopping currently accounts for almost 15% of all retail purchases worldwide and is predicted to reach 23% by 2025. If you are considering stepping into the golden era of eCommerce by establishing your own online store, researching CMS, which serves as …



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