SotaTek was delighted to welcome a very special guest from the “Land of the rising sun Japan” - Mr. Matsuzawa (CEO of Yadokari) and colleagues.

Yadokari is a well-known outsourcing firm in Japan that provides long-term IT solutions for local businesses, such as mobile app development, server hosting, and so on.

Due to the urgent demand for blockchain & AI integration, Yadokari requires an experienced partner to collaborate on numerous projects.

During this office visit, the CEO of Yadokari Matsuzawa conveyed his enthusiasm for SotaTek's rapid expansion while simultaneously demonstrating his confidence in our competence in Blockchain and AI initiatives. He hoped that in the future, the two sides might collaborate successfully. 

Once again, the SotaTek’s Board of Directors sincerely thanks Mr. Matsuzawa and his associates for taking the valuable time to visit us.

Let's look forward to our projects in the future!

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