In recent years, cryptocurrencies have witnessed a clear emerging trend despite fluctuations at some points. Especially with the recent entry of Facebook into the market and the supportive involvement of different governments, the industry is gradually approaching its turning point, at which cryptocurrency approaches a more general and mainstream base of customers instead of the traditional market of professional traders. As cryptocurrencies manage to grow their coverage and reputation, they do not only create a buzz. They bring about lots of potential in the job market.

1. Growing demand in the cryptocurrency job market

AngelList, noted as one of the most significant investments and job platforms founded in the US, has reported a 100%-increase in the number of cryptocurrency-related jobs being advertised on the website within the last 6 months of 2017. Looking at statistics released by Indeed job search, recruitment postings including “cryptocurrency”, “blockchain” or “bitcoin” have accelerated by 621% since the end of 2015. Indeed also indicated a significant growth of 1061% in searches including these three terms.


It might be your time to grab the chance to enter the cryptocurrency industry in its early days.

Major cooperates have also shown their interest in this growing sector: eBay, Uber, and GEICO all rank among the top in terms of the number of candidates searched for or contacted with “bitcoin” and “blockchain” included in their skills set. Not only businesses and traders, but the government is also showing support to this new way of doing finance as well. Most currently, Thailand has joined the list of 13 countries that currently legalize cryptocurrencies, officially issuing a license to 3 exchanges: Bitkub Online. Co.Ltd, Bitcoin Exchange Co.ltd, and Satang Cooperation.

Considering the staggering pace of growth, it might be your time to grab the chance to enter the cryptocurrency industry in its early days.

2. The future job perspectives

The cryptocurrency job market is not only limited to technology or engineering-based positions but there is also a wide spectrum of jobs offered in the industry. There have been specialized websites established solely for crypto-related jobs, such as Cryptocurrenciesjob.com based in the United States. You can find crypto jobs at SotaTek, which is one of the top blockchain development companies in Viet Nam.

cryptocurrency 2

There is also a wide spectrum of jobs offered in the industry.

Job opportunities can range from broad management levels such as Project Managers to Business Representatives, those who seek out the opportunities and connect the dots between cryptocurrencies and cooperates. Data analysts or Financial Analysts will be in high demand as new enterprises entering the market, as well as the rising adoption of cryptocurrencies as a method of daily payment. Consulting sessions will also be influenced by the demand for cryptocurrency.

Not only do cryptocurrencies innovate the existing positions, but they also give rise to more specialized and concentrated jobs such as Blockchain Developer, Cryptocurrency Analyst, or Security Architect

These jobs are most likely to be integrated into existing currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. At the same time, they can be positions in a team endeavoring to introduce a completely new currency into the ICO (Initial Coin Offering).

3. Preparing yourself for the future market

As in any young industry, the positions’ responsibilities can vary and evolve throughout the year as well as the size of businesses. The best first step is to get yourself familiar with the market by equipping yourself with a solid knowledge base of concepts and situations of cryptocurrencies. The large database regarding cryptocurrencies available online nowadays can facilitate the learning process. However, it might not be evident to get around for beginners. To begin with, you can take a look at Directory and Blogs provided by official trading platforms such as Investopedia or Bitkub Knowledge Centre or visit some software development companies specialized in Blockchain Technology like SotaTek.

cryptocurrency 3

As in any young industry, the positions’ responsibilities can vary and evolve throughout the year as well as the size of businesses.

The next question to be answered will be your preferred job’s background, whether it will be management, finance, consulting, technology or engineering. By identifying your visions, you can have a better direction towards your goal.

Even if you are still debating about your decision to work in the crypto industry, it has never been redundant to stay updated with the market situation of cryptocurrencies. There are various sources of up-to-date information on the global status of cryptocurrencies, as well as market analysis and discussion. Besides major publishers like Forbes or Business Insider, exchange platforms such as Bitcoin.org, Bitkub.com, or Yahoo Finance also provide accessible and user-friendly online updates on cryptocurrencies.

2019 will see the 11th-celebration of the establishment of Bitcoin since 2018, and it has not shown any signs of slowing down. Therefore, it must be high time for both employers and employees to jump into the market.


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