On August 11, 2015, SotaTek jumped into the IT industry with 7 ambitious young founders.
On August, 2023, SotaTek firmly established our presence and reputation in both the Vietnamese IT community and the broader region.

After seven years of challenges and successes, this 8th year birthday marks our determined shift from a Blockchain Services Company to an Enterprise IT Services Company - a year of transformation we call "The Revolution". We firmly believe in the mantra "Focus on Technology, and Success will come". Having thrived in Blockchain Technology, we're confident in conquering new technological horizons.

On this 8th birthday milestone, our Board of Directors extends heartfelt gratitude to all employees, customers, and partners for their unwavering trust and companionship throughout SotaTek's journey. We wish all SotaTek members continued good health and joyful spirits as we collectively strive towards SotaTek's ambitious goals, including the aspiration to become a proud IT Company in technology.

Once again, a hearty congratulations to SotaTek on reaching its 8th anniversary!

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