Nagakawa Corporation will develop Smart VRF/HVAC & BMS by collaborating with two Tech Partners - UBLOX and BEESOTA 6G - an alliance specializing in IoT founded by SotaTek.

15th EAP Regional Montreal Protocol Workshop

15th EAP Regional Montreal Protocol Workshop

Vietnam, facing significant impacts of climate change and frequent disasters, is among the Asian economies with high carbon emissions. To address this, the Vietnamese government has pledged to reduce carbon emissions and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, as announced during the 2021 United Nations Climate Conference (COP 26).

Nagakawa is a multi-industry corporation that has been listed on the stock exchange since 2019 (HNX: NAG), with over 21 years of establishment and development. Currently, it holds a prominent position in Vietnam's air conditioning sector. With a strong commitment to sustainable development, Nagakawa recognizes energy conservation and environmental protection as vital priorities. The company, therefore, has collaborated with the government in addressing national energy challenges and achieving zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. In January 2023, Nagakawa established a factory in Hung Yen with support from the World Bank, aiming to upgrade its production technology. This initiative has led to decreased reliance on ozone-depleting substances, the phase-out of R22 gas, and the adoption of R32 technology in Nagakawa's air conditioner production.

Besides, Nagakawa Corporation is actively engaged in researching and implementing the latest technology to bring about a comprehensive approach for reducing power consumption, particularly in various building types like apartments, offices, factories, and warehouses. Nagakawa's central air conditioning system (VRF) and heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems are digitally integrated with a Building Management System. This integration not only leads to decreased electricity usage but also contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions, thereby playing a role in environmental preservation.

In August 2023, Nagakawa Corporation developed a comprehensive technological solution, Smart VRF/HVAC & BMS, in alliance with partners including UBLOX and BEESOTA 6G. Notably, Nagakawa spearheads the provision of cutting-edge VRF and HVAC air conditioning systems. UBLOX (Switzerland, code: UBXN, Swiss stock exchange: SWX), operating in 31 global markets, will produce state-of-the-art AIoT hardware modules integrated with cutting-edge security technology. This includes IoT SIMs with global mobile network compatibility (4G LTE, LPWA, and 5G) from 190 carriers, facilitated by the Thingstream advanced IoT data transmission platform. This integration ensures seamless connectivity and robust security for air conditioning systems.

The BEESOTA 6G alliance, comprised of leading technology firms, is actively delivering cutting-edge technology and software solutions to global markets including Australia, USA, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, and Thailand. They play a pivotal role as construction partners, focusing on IoT Server software and internationally recognized BEMS (Building Energy Management System) software. These solutions incorporate AI-driven enhancements and have been successfully deployed and certified across numerous European buildings, driving remarkable energy savings of up to 25%. If this technology is effectively implemented and extensively deployed within Vietnam, it holds the capacity to notably lower CO2 emissions, especially in scenarios where power consumption is the same as coal-fired power.

A representative from Nagakawa Technology Center conveyed: "Being a listed private company, Nagakawa remains committed to proactive research and development, consistently engaging in the ongoing Digital Revolution and Green Revolution." The collaboration among prominent technology firms to collectively construct a comprehensive Smart VRF/HVAC & BMS solution is poised to be methodical, synchronized, and efficient due to our shared long-standing commitment to research and development. These technological solutions will be tailored to meet specific Vietnamese needs, accomplished through meticulous research into the local environment, climate conditions, and usage patterns. This approach ensures that the solution aligns optimally with the tenets of sustainable development through Green and Digital Technologies.

Nagakawa is dedicated to fostering sustainable development and engaging in environmental conservation initiatives

Nagakawa is dedicated to fostering sustainable development and engaging in environmental conservation initiatives

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