Following the originally planned, until Nov 28, the training course hosted by SotaTek, Ava Labs, and ABC Station will hit a milestone with 500 slots claimed, but it’s only 1 day and all the slots are filled! Cheers to the Successful Training Course! 

A big shoutout to our amazing SotaTekers! Congrats to all SotaTekers who finished the Avalanche Academy course early, earning a total of 125 million VND!

A 2,500,000 VND prize for the Division with the most certificates, and 1 random lucky prize worth 1,000,000 VND will be livestreamed on ABC Station’s fanpage at 4PM, Friday, 24th November, 2023 

Livestream link: https://www.facebook.com/ABCStationYourBlockchainSugarSenpai

How to Claim Your Prize

Date: Within next week

Process: Each Division designates one member to collect the award on behalf of the entire D, distributing it to each member who has completed a valid certificate. The final winner sheet will be shared later. Division representatives please contact anh.vu2@sotatek.com, provide your bank account and follow her instructions. 

A special thanks to Ava Labs for making this valuable course and scholarships possible, and to ABC Station for their generous support throughout the training.

And the excitement continues! Avalanche Labs and SotaTek are teaming up for an exciting Hackathon, open to not only SotaTekers but the entire Avalanche community. Especially, Avalanche Labs has established a dedicated sponsor fund for the hackathon, offering prizes totaling over 50 million VND for participants. 

Stay tuned for detailed information about the Hackathon!

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