In a remarkable collaborative effort to delve into the burgeoning field of robotics, a high-profile meeting recently took place, gathering key figures from academia, industry, and global corporations. The meeting was an initiative aimed at exploring the possibility of establishing a Robotics Research Center in Vietnam, highlighting the nation's growing prominence in the technological landscape.


Led by SotaTek, a leading Global IT Consulting & SDaaS company, along with prominent leaders from the field of robotics within SotaTek, the meeting witnessed the convergence of expertise and vision. Joining them were representatives from Robotics Professors from Vietnam National University, including the Director of the Robotics Department. Especially, the Global Sales Team from Doosan Robotics, a leading provider of collaborative robots designed to work alongside humans in various industrial settings, contributed their insights and perspectives. CEOs from other Vietnamese companies also participated, adding diverse viewpoints to the discourse.


The central focus of the meeting revolved around the potential impact and feasibility of establishing a Robotics Research Center in Vietnam. As robotics emerges as a pivotal technology shaping various industries worldwide, Vietnam stands poised to leverage its resources and talents in this domain. The collaboration between academia, industry, and global experts underscores the collective commitment to fostering innovation and technological advancement within the country.


Discussions during the meeting spanned a wide range of topics, including the current situation of robotics research and development in Vietnam, existing challenges, and future opportunities. Participants exchanged valuable insights, experiences, and ideas, exploring potential strategies to drive the growth of robotics research and innovation in the country.

베트남 로봇연구센터 설립 전망을 논의

Discussing the prospects of establishing a Robotics Research Center in Vietnam

The establishment of a Robotics Research Center holds immense promise for Vietnam, offering a platform for integrative collaboration, knowledge exchange, and talent development. It has the potential to fuel economic growth, and elevate Vietnam's position as a hub for technological excellence in the region.

소타텍, 나가카와 및 두산로보틱스 대표자

SotaTek, Nagakawa and Doosan’s representatives

In summary, the meeting served as a significant milestone in shaping the future of robotics research and development in Vietnam. We hope that the collaborative plan among the three parties will be implemented successfully, laying the foundation for the development of the robotics industry in Vietnam, thus opening up opportunities for international expansion.


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