Hello, this is SotaTek Korea!

Today, we would like to share our collaboration story with Company A. In this project, SotaTek Korea provided Salesforce Service Cloud and Salesforce Sales Cloud services. After the project, our client gave us positive feedback as follow:


Q: Why did you choose SotaTek Korea?

"SotaTek Korea consistently demonstrated outstanding performance when providing feedback and results related to the tasks we requested. Throughout the process, we became convinced of SotaTek Korea's capabilities and expertise."


Q: Were you satisfied with the collaboration?

"We were very satisfied with our collaboration with SotaTek Korea. The SotaTek Korea team responded promptly to questions about work requests and progress, and we were very pleased with that. Their professionalism and responsiveness further strengthened our collaborative relationship."


Q: Do you want to continue working with SotaTek Korea?

"We hope to continue our collaboration with SotaTek Korea. SotaTek Korea has the strength of handling requirements quickly and effectively. Therefore, we look forward to continuing our collaboration with SotaTek Korea in the future.

Lastly, we would like to express our gratitude to the SotaTek Korea team. During our collaboration, we highly appreciated SotaTek Korea's professionalism and responsiveness. In future collaborations, we hope the SotaTek Korea team continues to respond to our needs quickly and effectively. We wish both companies continued success. Let's create a better future together!"

Thank you!

소타텍의 세일즈포스 클라우드 프로젝트 개발팀

SotaTek's Salesforce Cloud Project Development Team

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