(February 2024, Hanoi) SotaTek is thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with Aton Corp, a leading Fintech Security Company in Korea. Together, we shared our goal to develop high-level security technology, with an emphasis on Mobile OTP solutions and security solutions, to Vietnam and other countries. This cooperation aims to address the need for robust security measures in the rapidly advancing digital landscape.

Since our establishment in 2016, SotaTek has been a trusted name in B2B Fintech Services. Our in-depth understanding of the local market in Vietnam will play a pivotal role in tailoring Aton’s Fintech Security solutions to tackle the unique challenges faced by financial institutions in the region. This localized approach ensures the relevance and effectiveness of the security offerings.

Established in 1999, Aton is a leading provider of software-based security solutions in Korea, catering to major financial institutions such as large banks and securities firms. Aton has pioneered the introduction of Korea’s first software-based security token solution, mobile OTP, and private certificate solutions. The company has been consistently achieving overwhelming market share in the fintech authentication security sector. Additionally, Aton collaborates with three major Korean telecommunications companies (SK Telecom, KT, LGU+) to jointly develop the PASS authentication certificate service. Notably, Aton’s mobile OTP is supplied to local banks and securities firms in countries such as Vietnam, Japan, Cambodia, and India, demonstrating its global competitiveness.

“SotaTek is honored to join forces with Aton, a technology leader in Fintech. Through our partnership, our collective efforts will yield more significant achievements, fostering advancements in innovation and ensuring mutual success.” – said Harry Vu, SotaTek SVP and COO.

“SotaTek is the optimal partner for Aton, which actively considers expanding into the global market, including the Southeast Asian market centered around Vietnam.” said Ham Sungjin, Aton’s Future Strategy Director and CSO. He added, “We anticipate that the IT competitiveness and business experience of both Aton and SotaTek will synergize effectively in opening up new markets.”

This lifelong partnership is set to leverage SotaTek’s expertise in innovative software solutions, seamlessly merging with Aton’s robust security technologies. Through the collaboration of our respective strengths, SotaTek and Aton will embark on future joint projects that enhance our market positions and provide exceptional value to our customers. With ATton, We envision a synergic partnership that will stand the test of time and enrich the technological landscape.

About SotaTek

SotaTek is a Five-star Software Development Company that provides Custom Software Development and Consulting. Our 1200+ skillful software developers and professional expertise will help you to build a suitable road map for your application. Let us be your trusted partner in the journey of digital transformation.

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About Aton Corp

Aton Corp is a Korea’s Leading Fintech Security Company that secured the largest number of financial institution customers in Korea (mobile OTP sector). Aton now offers diverse Fintech services, including Fintech Security Solutions, Fintech platform, Smart finance, and T-money solution.

Together with many companies, Aton has changed the world by making finance, communication, and shopping easier. The company believes in the value of innovation that will grow further.

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