In December 2023, SotaTek and ITRION collaborated on the SQL Parser project.


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ITRION is an IT solution development company that develops smart factory solution and metadata management solution applying to large corporations such as Hyundai and Hyosung. 

The following are some feedbacks from ITRION’s CEO – Mr. Lee Yong Woo – after collaborating with SotaTek on the SQL Parser project:

ITRION’s Feedback

SotaTek client review - ITRION

SotaTek client review – ITRION

“ITRION has gained greater confidence in SotaTek’s development capabilities through our first contract, and hopes to be accompanied by SotaTek as soon as possible in the future. Here’s what we felt in collaboration with SotaTek this time:


“First, SotaTek possesses specialized developers capable of addressing areas beyond generic business applications. The structuring of practical code was excellent, ensuring high readability. Moreover, both the quality and speed of the product were satisfied based on testing results.”


“Secondly, contrary to concerns, the remote development approach proceeded smoothly. This was attributed to the effective role of SotaTek’s coordinators at SotaTek Korea, facilitating seamless project progress without language barriers. The leakage of time was minimal compared to what was anticipated, resulting in smooth progress from development to testing. We believe that the presence of coordinators equipped with understanding of the tasks and foreign language skills greatly enhances SotaTek’s competitiveness.”

SQL Parser Project – SotaTek Team

“Lastly, ITRION expressed their expectation to collaborate with SotaTek again if there are planned projects in the future.”


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