On February 28, 2024, we were honored to host Lemon Healthcare Co., Ltd at our Hanoi office for a memorable MOU signing. 

During the ceremony, both parties expressed eagerness to bring positive change and innovation to healthcare. This partnership, combining SotaTek’s technological capabilities with Lemon Healthcare’s domain expertise, aims to develop cutting-edge solutions tailored to the healthcare industry’s unique needs.

Key representatives present at the signing ceremony were:

  • SotaTek: Mr. Tyler Luu – CEO, Mr. James Le – CEO of SotaTek Korea, Mr. Harry Vu – COO & SVP
  • Lemon Healthcare: Mr. Hong Byung-jin – CEO, Mr. Lim Chi-gyu – Senior Vice President, CIO/CBO, Mr. Kwon Tae-wan – Manager/IT Strategy Team
SotaTek and Lemon Healthcare representatives

SotaTek and Lemon Healthcare representatives

Our partner, Lemon Healthcare, globally recognized as a pioneer in smart hospital services, has a platform that covers everything from hospital reservations to payments, electronic prescriptions, and actual loss insurance claims. They hold over 90% of Korea’s top general hospitals, showcasing their unparalleled expertise and broad reach in the healthcare field.

During the ceremony, SotaTek and Lemon Healthcare representatives reaffirmed our shared vision of leveraging technology to improve patient care, optimize hospital operations, and enhance overall healthcare outcomes.

If you are looking for an ERP development partner, don’t hesitate to contact SotaTek experts!

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