In Feb 2024, SotaTek successfully gained the AWS Advanced Tier Services title, demonstrating our excellent achievements in the AWS Partners program. 

To receive such an honor certification, the Cloud Division of SotaTek overcame countless rigorous requirements in 3 aspects, including Technical Knowledge trained and tested by AWS, Project Experiences and Customer Success. Through dedication and effort, we met all prerequisites for advancement to the senior partner levels with one of the world’s leading Cloud companies.

Becoming an AWS Advanced Partner not only affirms our solid technology capability but also reflects our determination to become a trusted partner helping businesses accelerate their journey to the cloud. SotaTek’s CEO – Tyler Luu – expressed his pride: “We are delighted to become AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner. This achievement equips SotaTek to effectively assist clients in leveraging cloud solutions to tackle challenges, expand operations, and foster business growth.”

Till now, SotaTek has sufficient talented and experienced engineers, who can support the successful deployment of AWS services for global clients in various industries, such as Finance, Retail, Manufacturing, etc. If you are in need of Cloud Services, leave us a message and we’re happy to chat.

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