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L. Group, a prominent player in Vietnam's metal manufacturing sector, with various applications including but not limited to automobile, motorcycles, appliances, furniture, in various markets in ASEAN countries, England, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, and the USA. Partnering with SotaTek, a leading IT solutions provider, L. Group initiated a transformative SAP project tailored to their manufacturing domain.

SotaTek's SAP service in manufacturing

SotaTek's SAP service in manufacturing sector

SotaTek's Role

With a focus on delivering premium quality automobiles, motorcycles, and metal components, L. Group wanted to optimize its processes and elevate its services. SotaTek's expertise took on the implementation of SAP B1 modules, covering critical areas such as finance, purchasing, sales, inventory, and production.


The project aimed to centralize and automate key functions, from procurement to production planning, to ensure efficiency and consistency in operations. By leveraging SAP's robust capabilities, L. Group aimed to provide customers with superior products and services while maintaining agility in their manufacturing processes.



The results were impressive, L. Group witnessed significant improvements in workflow efficiency, inventory management, and customer service responsiveness. With streamlined processes and real-time insights, L. Group was better equipped to meet market demands and uphold its reputation for quality and reliability.


This success story underscores the importance of strategic IT partnerships in driving innovation and competitiveness in the manufacturing industry. L. Group's collaboration with SotaTek highlights the transformative power of technology in optimizing operations and delivering value to customers.


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