We had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Andrew Jeon, the CEO of Wesang, at our Hanoi office. As Wesang’s technology partner, our role is to tackle the tech challenges that come with running Yogiyo, the second-largest food order app in Korea. It’s been a hit with both locals and tourists, receiving countless positive feedback.

Wesang is on a mission to constantly elevate their app, aiming for the highest levels of user satisfaction. They’ve chosen SotaTek as their tech partner to handle the technical aspects. We’re committed to providing them with the latest and most suitable technology to enhance the app’s performance.

According to Mr. Andrew, it’s been quite a journey. From a small team, the project now has over 75 people. The collaboration has not only helped Wesang in managing technical challenges but also in addressing technical debt and accelerating development. In Mr. Andrew’s words, “Without SotaTek, we wouldn’t be able to actually handle so many technical initiatives. So if you’re looking for an offshore engineering team, I’d recommend SotaTek.” 

A heartfelt thank you to Wesang for entrusting us with such a remarkable project. Let’s take a look at Mr. Andrew’s insights about our collaboration here!

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