The first webinar, co-hosted by SotaTek and two giant Blockchain companies, BNBChain and Quest3, will take place this Thursday (December 8).

SotaTek is APAC’s leading Blockchain Development Company, with years of experience and significant partnerships with Klaytn, Oasis Foundation, Kyber, etc. BNB Chain is a well-known decentralized global network that attracts a large number of blockchain developers, validators, users, HODLers, and supporters. Quest3 is building an event and reward-focused platform for Web3 users.

The webinar, titled “Cross-chain – Sidechain Solutions and BAS (Binance Application Sidechain) Case Study,” will provide valuable information for people interested in blockchain projects, programmers, and blockchain technology.

The webinar features three speakers with extensive experience working on major Blockchain projects both domestically and internationally.

  • Mr. Ady Nguyen: SotaTek Co-founder & CTO
  • Mr. Duc Pham: SotaTek Blockchain Solution Architect 
  • Mr. Chess: CEO of HogwartsLabs & Quest3

The main content shared by the speakers includes:

  • Discuss cross-chain compatibility and its demonstration on the testnet of the Binance Application Sidechain.
  • Case studies of some typical cross-chain projects and practical cross-chain project development knowledge.

Register now to join and interact with the speakers!

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