It is undeniable that Blockchain Technology has become the latest and hottest technology these days, with its various applications in Education, Healthcare, Retail, Logistics, Finance, Entertainment,… Global demand for custom Blockchain development has grown along with the increasing interest in blockchain technology. Large organizations as well as small and medium-sized businesses are searching for a reliable IT company to help them, and Vietnam has emerged as a “golden” outsourcing destination. However, they may face the difficult decision of how to pick one among Vietnam Blockchain Companies. We understand that signing a project with the wrong development company can lead to failure, so it is important to compare Apple to Oranges. Now, let’s explore the list below to determine which Blockchain Development business is the best and can provide outstanding solutions.

1. Key Reasons To Adopt Blockchain Technology

Enhance Security: The blockchain system allows businesses to store information in blocks, which are totally decentralized. If you try to modify any information, other blocks will change as well. Therefore, it is nearly impossible for hackers and internal corruption to delete/ fake information.

Improve Document Management: It is undeniable that numerous paper documents can lead to human errors when preparing contracts, making records, entering information into a computer. However, you can maintain the document with ease and convenience when your organization incorporates Blockchain development. This decentralized ecosystem will cut expenses while minimizing paperwork, removing errors, and preventing information distortion.

Boost Efficiency: One of the reasons blockchain is so secure is because it’s highly automated. Because transactions on the blockchain are automatic, this technology is particularly well suited to carrying out contracts. On the blockchain, transactions are made using “smart contracts”, which do away with the need for a middleman. If both parties agree to the agreements, then an automatic exchange of goods, services, and money can occur. Blockchain Smart Contracts can help businesses streamline agreements while also saving money by lowering the fees often paid to a third party to carry out a transaction or contract.

Blockchain Smart Contracts help boost the efficiency

Blockchain Smart Contracts help boost the efficiency

2. Why To Choose Vietnam Blockchain Companies?

A huge source of Blockchain Talents: According to Linkedin’s estimation in 2020, Vietnam owned roughly 10,000 software developers with expertise in blockchain development. They always stay ahead and keep updated with the latest technologies. Recognizing the emerging trends in Blockchain, many IT developers equip themselves with Public Blockchain (Ethereum, Polygon, Cardano, Binance Smart Chain,…) or Private Blockchain (R3 Corda, Hyperledger). Therefore, you can rest assured when choosing Vietnam for Blockchain Outsourcing Development.

English Proficiency: Apart from the mother tongue, almost all graduates are exposed to English, making Vietnam stand at the 13th ranking in the Asian area in terms of English proficiency. Therefore, when you choose an IT Outsourcing Company in Vietnam, you can easily communicate with their development team, be it Project Manager, BA or developers.

Competitive Cost: When compared to other regions, Vietnam can be an attractive destination, which can help you cut costs while maintaining the high quality of product. 

3. Top 5 Vietnam Blockchain Companies

Blockchain has soon become the most cutting-edge technology these days, and numerous businesses want to adopt it to facilitate their operations and serve their customers better. But how to find a reliable Technology Partner to guide you through every process and offer you the best solutions? Let’s find out Top Blockchain Companies in Vietnam, according to Clutch Recognition

a. SotaTek

Standing at the first ranking in this list is SotaTek – a leading Blockchain Development Services with 10 global offices in Vietnam, Japan, the US and Australia to bring seamless experience for all businesses. SotaTek is honored to own the largest number of Blockchain manpowers in APAC, which affirms its position in the IT industry. 

With 7+ years of experience and 1000+ in-house employees, the company successfully delivered 500+ projects of all sizes, including advanced Cryptocurrency Exchange, NFT Marketplace, Blockchain-based game, Crypto Wallet, IDO/IEO/STO Consulting, Smart Contracts… with cost-optimized white-label options. Almost all projects received countless positive feedbacks from both clients and their end-users. Besides, SotaTek also has a large network with many giants in the Blockchain industry, such as Cardano, Cartesi, Klaytn, Algorand, XenoHoldings, MADWorld, Fellaz,… Recently, SotaTek has also become a part of Vietnam Blockchain Union (VBU) as a Trusted Technology Partner, who will be in charge of supporting, and consulting on technical issues.

Let’s discover SotaTek’s prestigious awards and recognitions:

  • Sao Khue 2022 for Five-star Software Development Services
  • Sao Khue 2021 for The Best Software Development Services
  • Top 10 Leading Vietnam Blockchain Companies by VINASA
  • IT Enterprise with Impressive Growth 2021 by VINASA
  • Top Blockchain Development Company by Clutch
  • Top Blockchain Development Company by Techreviewer
SotaTek is the Top Blockchain Company in Vietnam

SotaTek is the Top Blockchain Company in Vietnam

b. InApps Technology

InApps Technology is a Software Outsourcing Company in Vietnam whose vision is to assist clients in reducing the risk associated with implementing their innovative ideas. This IT service provider can give you full-cycle Blockchain development, Blockchain application integration, and Blockchain consultancy services. InApps Technology relies on established processes that create a sophisticated approach for quality control in the outsourced project. Their staff puts a lot of effort into providing effective answers by drawing on knowledge from a variety of sectors – no matter what, it always helps when sorting through these challenging issues!

c. Newwave Solutions

Newwave Solutions was established in 2011 in Vietnam and now is operated by a strong team of 300 employees dedicated to providing efficient solutions for our customers’ needs. Besides providing emerging technologies like Blockchain and IoT, the company also offers sustainable Software development, including Web, App or Mobile, UI/UX design, QA & Testing. Newwave Company also received some recognition by company review sites like Clutch & The Manifest.

d. NCCPlus Vietnam

NCC is a network of connected, young and passionate software engineers. The business, which has its headquarters in Ha Noi, Vietnam, was established in 2014 by four skilled and motivated software engineers. They use their passion for development to deliver the best Tech solutions. With the combination of technology, know-how and great communication, the company will create complete projects for clients. If you join their partnership network, you can be sure that they will do everything in their power to meet your needs, at a price you can afford, and with a maintenance program run by passionate engineers.

e. Ekoios Technology

Ekoios is a Global Software Development Company that focuses primarily on Blockchain Technology, AI and Mobile Application development. The company offers affordable solutions to startups and businesses from all over the world from its base in Vietnam, a developing IT hub with a youthful, bright, and motivated workforce.

Its strength is the capability to consult customers from the ideation stage of a project on both business front and technical side, and the highest commitment to deliver the product successfully in a timely manner. 

4. Final Thoughts: Enter the Blockchain Market Right now with SotaTek JSC

It is obvious that choosing a suitable Blockchain Development Company is not an easy task. By contrast, it requires lots of time, effort to deeply understand one provider before deciding. 

In case you still wonder “Blockchain Development – who should I hire?” or simply “How much does it cost to develop Blockchain?”, leave us a message and we’ll reply as soon as possible. SotaTek is a Top Vietnam Blockchain Company that can deliver you an innovative and robust product while ensuring the cost optimization. With our full-cycle IT services, our Blockchain developers will offer the best solutions that precisely meet your needs, no matter what size your company is. 

Find more information about SotaTek on:

Email: contact@sotatek.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/sota-tek-.-jsc/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SotaTek

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