This morning (21st April 2022), the Vietnam Blockchain Union Premiere – one of the most significant events in the Vietnam Blockchain industry, took place successfully at Vietnam National Convention Center ICC. 

The event had the participation of Mr. Phan Tam – Deputy Minister of Information and Communications, Mr. Vu Hoang Lien – Chairman of Vietnam Internet Association (VIA), Mr. Nguyen Minh Hong – Chairman of Vietnam Digital Communications Association (VDCA) together with representatives from relevant ministries and departments, as well as leading enterprises in the Blockchain field in Vietnam.

The participant from SotaTek included:

– Mr. Tuan Le – Chairman of SotaTek, VBU’s Founder

– Mr. Harry Vu – CRO

– Mrs. Christine Bui – Marketing Manager

VBU Event

SotaTek’s Vital Role In VBU

As one of the leading Vietnamese IT Outsourcing Companies with enormous strength in the Blockchain category, SotaTek was thrilled to become a part of VBU as a Trusted Technology Partner. We will be in charge of supporting, and consulting on technical issues, and also contributing specialized knowledge to bring VBU to become the top 1 prestigious Blockchain Union in Vietnam. Furthermore, joining VBU is an excellent opportunity for SotaTek’s Blockchain developers to accumulate knowledge and experience. 

SotaTek attends as a Technical Partner of VBU

SotaTek attends as a Technical Partner of VBU.

Mr. Tuan Le (CEO of SotaTek) has said in the signing ceremony between SotaTek, FPT University, and VBU: “…Vietnam can become a worldwide Blockchain Hub in the future if it is invested in the right way”, therefore, it’s a proper opportunity for SotaTek and other organizations to accompany VBU in the journey of making this dream come true.

SotaTek at VBU launch event

SotaTek at the VBU launch event.

Introduction to Vietnam Blockchain Union: Vision and Mission

Vietnam Blockchain Union (VBU), which is directly under VDCA Association, was established with the mission of building and boosting the Vietnam Blockchain community to become a top 5 worldwide dynamic community in the industry, along with raising digital development opportunities for Vietnam.

Mr. Dang Minh Tuan – Chairman of VBU said that for many years, we have always been thinking about the technology solutions that help Vietnam to be huge. And Blockchain technology is the answer. According to Mr. Tuan, there were cryptocurrencies that had unbelievable growth, about 680 million times in just 11 years, showing how big potential crypto and blockchain technology could be.  

Vietnam Blockchain Union Launch

Mr. Dang Minh Tuan – Chairman of VBU – stated at the event.

To reach such a transformative mission, VBU gathered the top-notch Blockchain experts and organizations to jointly organize fundraising events and consult digital development solutions for government: specialist, technical, policy consulting or project appraisal, etc. Besides, VBU also enthusiastically supports several funds and companies that develop & train Blockchain-based human resources. 

Let’s wait for VBU’s upcoming projects and activities! 

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