On March 11th, 2022, a signing ceremony of a cooperation agreement between 3 parties, namely SotaTek JSC, FPT University, and Vietnam Blockchain Union was held successfully. Its aim is to train and develop the quality of Vietnam’s young and dynamic IT talents in the field of Blockchain.

Main representatives who attended include:
From FPT University:
- Mr. Ta Ngoc Cau - Deputy Director of Hanoi Campus
- Mr. Bui Ngoc Anh - Head of CF
- Ms. Vu Thi Phuong Thao - Head of Corporate Relations and Alumni Department
From SotaTek Vietnam:
- Mr. Le Minh Tuan - Chairman
- Ms. Le Minh Huong - Human Resources Director
- Ms. Nguyen Thao Minh - Account Manager cum Marketing Leader
From Vietnam Blockchain Union (VBU):
- Mr. Dang Minh Tuan - Chairman
- Mr. Nguyen Nam Hai - General Secretary
- Mr. Dinh Ngoc Thanh - Vice President - Research & Training
- Ms. Le Tuyet Mai - Vice President - Communication
SotaTek FPT Blockchain MOU

SotaTek’s Vision When Joining This Partnership Network

According to the agreement, SotaTek will sponsor the annual budget for the Innovation Lab of FPT University, which is utilized to support lecturers and students' training, researching, and developing specialized Blockchain projects. Besides, with the hope of delivering a first-hand experience for IT students, making them have a chance to translate their knowledge into reality, SotaTek will also collaborate with FPT University to implement Software Development projects if any in the future. 

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mr. Le Minh Tuan - SotaTek’s Board of Directors - shared some of his opinions. He claimed that in the field of Blockchain Technology, the starting point between Vietnam and other developed countries is nearly the same. Therefore, if there is an appropriate investment and development strategy, it will not be far to dream of the future when Vietnam becomes a Blockchain Hub of the world

SotaTek's BOD thinks that Vietnam can become a blockchain hub of the world

Mr. Le Minh Tuan - SotaTek's BOD thinks that Vietnam can become a Blockchain Hub of the world.

Joining the partnership network is a valuable opportunity for SotaTek to deliver top-notch and dedicated Blockchain developers for the Vietnamese market. With this cooperation, we can join hands to promote Blockchain development research at FPT University. Hope that this invested Innovation Lab can raise some innovative Blockchain ideas, start-up plans, etc., to make a huge contribution to digitally transforming, and developing the national economy in the near future.

About FPT University

Officially established on September 8th, 2006, FPT University became the first university in Vietnam with 100% investment capital from an enterprise - the Corporation FPT. This school is a dream area for many students who want to be specialized in the IT field as they will be trained in the form of close association with businesses, linking training with practice, with research - implementation, and the most updated technologies.

About Vietnam Blockchain Union

The Vietnam Blockchain Union Club (VBU) is a division of the Vietnam Digital Communications Association (VDCA), whose mission is to bring together and link organizations and individuals for blockchain research, application, investment, and development. Both state and private regulatory agencies are involved in blockchain policy, which aims to share knowledge, experience, and solutions in order to achieve the common goal of effective blockchain development and application in the digital economy, as well as contribute to the National Digital Transformation. Established and operated in Vietnam and gradually expanded internationally.

About SotaTek JSC

SotaTek is the largest unit of Sota Holdings, a global Software Development as a Service (SDaaS) & IT Consulting group with 8 global offices in Vietnam, the US, Australia & Japan. As a leading Blockchain Development Services, our 700+ employees have experience in delivering the best Blockchain solutions with the most updated technologies. Besides, we are also specialized in Web & App Development, AI & Machine Learning, Odoo Open Source ERP, and Cloud Migration Services.

During 6+ years of development, we have served Clients from 20+ nations worldwide, with 350+ projects in various industries, such as Finance, Health Care, F&B, Logistics, Retail, Real Estate, Education, Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment. Once you place trust in us, you can rest assured that the final products will meet your expectations. 

Now, leave us a message and we will start to skyrocket your business. 

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