Key characteristics:

  • Serverless
  • Scalability
  • Cost optimization

MADworld marketplace is a platform that allows individuals to create, buy, sell, and trade unique digital assets in the form of NFTs. An NFT marketplace operates similarly to a traditional online marketplace, but with the added feature of ownership verification through blockchain technology and helps artists monetize their artworks by minting NFT.



Fueling Innovation with AWS:

Sotatek, a leader in AWS cloud solutions, recognized the immense potential of MADworld's vision and partnered with them to turn it into reality. Our deep understanding of AWS services, including AWS Lambda, ELB, ECS, S3, PostgreSQL, Redis Cluster, SNS, SQS, WAF, and SSM, enabled us to architect a cutting-edge NFT marketplace.

Unleashing the Power of Serverless with AWS Lambda:

Sotatek's experts crafted a serverless architecture using AWS Lambda for rapid image resizing, API calls, and batch jobs, eliminating server management overhead and embracing cost-effective pay-per-use flexibility.

Scaling to Infinity with ELB and ECS:

Traffic spikes are effortlessly managed by ELB's intelligent traffic distribution and ECS's seamless containerized service management. This, combined with Lambda's independent scaling, ensures MADworld adapts to any demand, delivering peak performance consistently.

Cost Optimization Amplified with Serverless and S3:

Sotatek's commitment to cost efficiency shines through the serverless architecture and S3's secure and cost-effective storage. MADworld only pays for what they use, leading to transparent pricing, predictable expenses, and more resources for growth.

Security That Never Sleeps with WAF and SSM:

Sotatek ensured MADworld's security with AWS WAF, protecting against web attacks, and SSM for secure secrets management, safeguarding sensitive data and providing peace of mind for users.

Beyond the Horizon with Blockchain Integration:

Sotatek facilitated seamless integration with a full blockchain node using secure and scalable infrastructure, enabling MADworld to explore next-generation decentralized applications and push the boundaries of digital ownership.

Redefining the NFT Landscape with PostgreSQL and Redis Cluster:

Sotatek implemented PostgreSQL for efficient database management and Redis Cluster for lightning-fast caching, ensuring a robust and performant experience for artists and collectors.

Seamless Communication and Data Flow with SNS and SQS:

SNS and SQS enable reliable messaging and asynchronous tasks within MADworld, contributing to its smooth and responsive user experience.

A Symphony of Expertise:

MADworld's success is a testament to the collaboration between Sotatek and the MADworld team. Our engineers, architects, and consultants combined their AWS expertise with MADworld's vision to create a platform that redefines the NFT landscape.

SotaTek is proud to have played a pivotal role in MADworld's journey, and we remain committed to supporting its continued growth and exploration of the boundless possibilities of blockchain technology.