About Our Customer

SotaICG, an innovative Data Analytics Agency powered by AI with a focus on the oil and gas industry.

Established in 2020, they are a young startup lead by Oil & Gas experts, participated in many oil & gas and IT projects across more 25 countries. From aware of Oil & Gas industry, they have offered three key solution:

a. Data Warehouse

  • Matches Oil and Gas distinction data types
  • Convenient Sharing

b. Artificial Intelligence

  • Automated interpretation and forecasting
  • Optimize operation with AI predictive maintenance
  • Utilizing AI for automating lessons learned

c. BI Solution

  • Visualizing data
  • Update in real-time 
  • The interface is designed to be suitable for each operating system


The Challenge

Many complex interconnected vendors on a drilling

Oil & Gas data type is very distinctive and data size is huge

Infrastructure need t be powerful and elasticity to suit with Oil & Gas industry 

Amazon Web Services to build up the solution

S3, Redshift: To build a data lake and a data warehouse, S3 is a cost effective solution to store Oil & Gas Datafiles. After Cleaning the raw dataset, data is stored in Redshift and ready for ML phase.

AWS managed kubernetes combined with EC2 spot instances is a powerful and cost efficient solution to run ETL jobs in the data cleaning phase.

SageMaker: Oil & Gas Price Prediction or Drilling device maintaining prediction models are automated training by SageMaker Training jobs, while data preparation and model performance evaluation are facilitated through SageMaker Processing jobs.


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