Yesterday afternoon (December 7), the Training Course - Hackathon event series concluded successfully, marking a significant milestone in the collaborative relationship between SotaTek and Ava Labs.


Kicking off the series, Avalanche Academy generously supported SotaTekers with 2 free courses, featuring a scholarship fund of up to 125 million VND. Within just 1 day, an impressive total of 500 courses were completed by SotaTekers, underscoring the enthusiastic response to the Avalanche platform.


Following the training course, the SotaTek Avalanche Hackathon 2023 was launched. Despite the 13-day duration, the program drew participation from 25 teams, presenting 25 unique and promising projects spanning both the SotaTek team and the Avalanche community. Innovative ideas covering Bridge, Gaming, and various applications on Avalanche garnered substantial attention, with judges posing questions and providing positive feedback.


We proudly announce the winner list of the SotaTek <> Avalanche Hackathon 2023:

🥇 1 First Prize: 15,000,000 VND awarded to the POS25 team - Web3 Ecosystem Integrated Financial Transaction Project

🥈 1 Second Prize: 12,000,000 VND awarded to the LAGOM team - Efficient and Secure Development of DEX Orderbook Project

🥉 1 Third Prize: 8,000,000 VND awarded to the SingSing team - Innovative Platform Uniting Web2 Karaoke Parties with Rewarding Web3 Experiences


3 Consolation Prizes: 3,000,000 VND each awarded to the Kin, AVALunch, HandsomeByte teams

1 Top Vote Award by the Audience: 2,000,000 VND awarded to AVALunch team

8 “Nice try" Prizes: 1,000,000 VND each to the Crack, Farmer, The Avax DEX, The Bifrost - Connecting Realms, CryptoCaro, Alpha: The safe solution for Dapp, Blocklens, SDG teams

Teams choose the highlight topics: 1,200,000 each awarded to the SDG, Alpha Team, Lagom, Bifrost, HandsomeByte, AVALunch teams

Congratulations to all the winning teams! We will send small gifts to teams that are not selected for the presentation round, thanks for your time and effort!

Winning team of SotaTek Avalanche 1

POS25 team - The winner of SotaTek <> Avalanche Hackathon 2023 with Web3 Ecosystem Integrated Financial Transaction Project

"Nice try" awards for 8 teams

After the hackathon, Ms. Laura Nguyen, representative of Ava Labs in Vietnam, shared her thoughts on this hackathon event: "Our collaboration with SotaTek could mark a pivotal moment in accelerating blockchain growth in Southeast Asia. Through this Hackathon, we were pleasantly surprised by the creativity and high-quality products of the SotaTek team. In a very short time, they put creative ideas, harnessing the Avalanche platform into high-impact projects. SotaTek is a very promising company in creating and implementing solutions related to blockchain and web3."

Ms. Laura Nguyen - Head of Ava Labs Vietnam

This Hackathon event has underscored SotaTek's standing and potential in the blockchain area, particularly web3. As a leading company in blockchain and software development, with an extensive network of partners including Ava Labs, Klaytn, Algorand, Cardano, we remain steadfast in embracing challenges and adapting to emerging technologies and platforms!

Special gratitude to Ava Labs and ABC Station for co-hosting this event, and a big shoutout to Ava Labs for sponsoring this fantastic hackathon! Stay tuned for more updates and future events!

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