2022 was a pretty noteworthy year for the tech industry and especially for SotaTek. Despite all the chaos in the blockchain market, we’ve still grown fast and expanded well with 1000+ staff and 12 offices worldwide. 

This year, we’ve joined various projects as a Blockchain Development partner in different fields including Healthcare, Education, Games, Web3, NFTs, Metaverse, DeFi, etc.  Still, there was so much more to this year than just what we’ll mention below but here are the highlights of SotaTek in 2022: 

1. SotaTek Successfully Opened 5 New Offices

  • Feb 2022: After six months of planning, SotaTek’s 4th office in Vietnam was launched, bringing the total number of global offices to 8.
  • In Jul 2022, we opened our 9th office, which was designated solely for blockchain developers & the 10th office dedicated to the R&D department. 
  • Aug 2022: We expanded well with the 11th office in Da Nang 
  • Dec 2022: The 1st office in Korea was put into operation to conquer the fastidious East Asian market
SotaTek Successfully Opened 5 New Offices

SotaTek successfully opened 5 new offices

2. SotaTek Partnered with Giants in Various Industries

  • SotaTek was officially recognized as a Registered Consulting Partner with Salesforce – the best CRM platform in the world.
  • SotaTek signed an MOU with Labuan-based HWG Digital Investment Bank, one of Malaysia’s top Digital fintech investment banks.
  • SotaTek Partnered With Algorand, a Company owning top ranking coin with the coin on Coinmarketcap.com, to build an Exclusive TEAL App Development.  
  • SotaTek Partnered With Klaytn, a Blockchain platform developed by Ground X & the Blockchain subsidiary of Internet giant KAKAO with over 50 million users, to give rise to its ecosystem
SotaTek Partnered with Giants in different Industries

SotaTek Partnered with Giants in different Industries

3. Prestigious Awards in 2022

  • The Manifest Named SotaTek Among Malaysia’s Most Reviewed Web Development Companies
  • SotaTek Won Sao Khue Award 2022 “Five-Star Software Development Services”
  • Our CTO was named the Top 10 Young Technology Leaders 2022 by VNExpress
  • SotaTek Hit the Top Spot on Top 10 Blockchain Services Providers Award 2022
  • SotaTek Affirmed Leader Position in Blockchain Industry through Top 10 ICT 2022 Award
  • SotaTek Ranked Top #1 B2B Firms in Vietnam 2022 by Clutch.co
  • SotaTek Achieved CMMI Level 3
  • SotaTek Proudly Won the “Blockchain Development Provider of the year” Award
  • SotaTek was Recognized as “Best Company to Work With” by Goodfirms
Prestigious Awards in 2022

Prestigious awards in 2022

4. Looking ahead to 2023: SotaTek is ready to bloom

As a company owning the largest Blockchain manpower in South East Asia, our target next year is to conquer new markets, approach customers in more industries, and help clients leverage technology for optimized processes, better management & increased revenue.

Let’s look forward to our projects and see how we use technology to help clients drive a success!

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