On 10 Sep, SotaTek was honored to win the Top 10 Blockchain Companies in Vietnam award in Top 10 ICT 2022. This is a national-level award held annually by Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA). Its aim is to recognize and award the prestigious & top-notch IT providers in the digital transformation era.

According to VINASA, Top 10 ICT honors businesses that experience impressive growth, possess high-tech capabilities, and have a potential to become pillars for the IT industry in the near future.

The president of VINASA in the Top 10 ICT 2022

The president of VINASA stated in the Top 10 ICT 2022

From the very first days of establishment, SotaTek has consistently strived to achieve the peak of technology, as evidenced by our slogan “State-of-the-art Technology”. We overcame many challenges when Blockchain was a new technology (a lack of experienced human resources and a scarcity of case studies to study). However, all SotaTekers were determined to meet the requirements of each project and were eager to take on the next challenge. As a result, SotaTek has grown steadily and sustainably.

During 7+ years, SotaTek has partnered with clients from 25+ nations and successfully deployed 500+ projects about NFT Marketplace, DEX, applications of Blockchain in Education, Healthcare,… and gained countless awards. 

To be more specific:

  • 2 consecutive years SotaTek gains Top 10 Blockchain Companies in Vietnam
  • SotaTek becomes a Tech Partner of many giants, such as Amazon Web Service, Salesforce
  • Successfully offer Blockchain solutions for large businesses in Vietnam (The Ministry of Education and Training) and over the world (The ministry of Health in Malaysia, Klaytn – Korea, Cartesi – Singapore, Algorand – the US, MADWorld – Hong Kong,…)

The year 2022 marked a significant transformation and rapid growth of SotaTek. Standing out from the wave of economy decline due to Covid-19, SotaTek witnessed an increase in revenue of up to 136,6%. With the boom of blockchain projects from huge clients worldwide, SotaTek decided to open a new office in Sydney, Australia, aiming to spread brand name in the market. Besides, in Vietnam, we were continuously setting up new offices to create an ideal environment for our 1000+ staff. Currently, SotaTek has 6 offices in Vietnam and 5 offices in Japan, Australia and the US. 

SotaTek manpower

SotaTek manpower from 2017 to 2025 (prediction)

To reach such achievements, SotaTekers has incessantly strived to create, innovate and update technology trends while researching various solutions for clients. In particular, all products and services developed by SotaTek’s engineers strictly comply with regulations and satisfy the most stringent requirements of domestic and foreign customers.

After Sao Khue 2022, Top 10 ICT award has once again affirmed SotaTek’s leading position in the Blockchain industry in particular and in the Vietnam IT industry in general. Hitting the top spot in the Top 10 Blockchain Enterprise 2022 was the recognition for unremitting effort of all SotaTek staff. The end of 2022 is predicted to be the time when SotaTek turns on leverage & strengthen our position as well as a leading Software and Blockchain Development Company. 

Let’s celebrate with us and look forward to our breakthrough projects in the future.

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