From paper currency notes to digital banking systems and distributed ledger systems, financial transactions have evolved and transitioned to become much more simplified and streamlined. The disruptive and transformative technology that has brought this colossal change is Blockchain, an immutable and decentralized public ledger that records transactions and tracks assets in real-time. The transaction occurs through a peer-to-peer network, and a robust, secure database stores the data in the blocks linked via a chain. 

Renowned IT Research and Rating Platform and highly trusted Software Listing Company, GoodFirms has recently recognized SotaTek as the Best Company to Work With. Apart from being a blockchain specialist, Sota Tek has gained expertise in other IT services like mobile app development, web development, custom software development, AI & machine learning, CRM, QA & testing, and cloud migration. Headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam, the company has a global presence in the US, Japan, Korea & Australia. 

For 2023, SotaTek Gets Identified as the Best Company to Work With by GoodFirms 

If you are looking for a top software development company to work with, whether to create a crypto wallet or develop a sophisticated AI-based product to escalate your business prospects, Sota Tek can efficiently and proficiently cater to all your requirements. The company is a leading SDaaS partner offering hi-tech IT solutions and wide-ranging cost-effective blockchain services, such as developing crypto-based games, crypto-exchange, NFT Marketplace, building Smart Contracts, and many more.

The company uses the most advanced technologies to create public and private blockchain solutions, for which GoodFirms recognized as the Best Company to Work With in 2023 and placed the company as a topper under GoodFirms list of Top Firms for C# Development. 

SotaTek - Vision & Strengths 

As a reliable and specialist blockchain development company, Sota Tek works on innovative and disruptive technologies with a data-driven approach to enhance sustainable growth across all client engagements. The company provides three popular business models; Offshore Model, Onsite Model, and Hybrid Model. 

“SotaTek has always prioritized reliability, customization, and efficiency at work to provide clients with guaranteed services. For SotaTek, client satisfaction is crucially important, and we do this by continually conducting surveys and discussions,” says the Company.

Sota Tek has successfully built a blockchain-based multichain launchpad for a British IDO platform. Similarly, the company developed a web-based employee management portal for a Vietnamese firm that can be used on mobile and desktop. Other notable projects include creating a customized telehealth platform, an online bookstore development, crafting CRM software for a manufacturing firm, and many more. 

SotaTek - Top Blockchain Development Company in APAC

A few reviews of the Company 

Reviews of SotaTek

Why is SotaTek the Best Company to Work With? 

In recent years, more IT companies have started offering blockchain technology and customized software solutions. Hence, it becomes paramount to adopt an innovative and out-of-the-box approach that helps to differentiate your company from the competition. Sota Tek follows this policy adeptly to implement with the best tools and build customer-value products. 

Sota Tek has immense capabilities to become the top blockchain technology development company in Vietnam due to its best quality wide offerings and can take this digital transformation trend to the next level, says GoodFirms. 

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