Beyond the honor of our CTO being named as one of the Top 10 Young Technology Leaders 2022, SotaTek also made a strong impression on the domestic technology industry with an excellent Blockchain solution.

This year, besides the Top 10 Young Technology Leaders 2022,  VnExpress hosted a CTO Summit event to discuss new technology trends such as Metaverse, Blockchain, and NFT, as well as locate Vietnamese blockchain on the global map.

SotaTek representatives attending the event include:

Speaker: Mr. Le Minh Tuan - Co-Founder & Chairman of SotaTek - Chairman & CEO of Sota Holdings - Executive Board Member of Vietnam Blockchain Union

Guest: Mr. Vu Hai Anh - CRO of SotaTek  

SotaTek representatives attended CTO Summit 2022

SotaTek representatives attended CTO Summit 2022

Being a special speaker on the topic "Blockchain use cases in education", Mr. Tuan shared that blockchain technology seems to be inapplicable in the education field. However, with a project collaborated with the Ministry of Education & Training, SotaTek has successfully shown how this technology can benefit the education industry.

Blockchain use case in education

Mr. Tuan shared about Blockchain use case in Education and SotaTek's project with the Ministry of Education & Training

As a Technical Partner, we were in charge of building a national diploma storage system, using Blockchain technology to store certificates and eliminate fake diplomas.

Project details: https://www.sotatek.com/sota-tek-x-tomochain-partner-with-vietnams-ministry-of-education-and-training-implement-nqa-system-on-the-blockchain/ 

Along with representatives of big names in the industry such as Mr. Phan Duc Trung - Vice president of VBU, Mr. Dinh Tran - Founder & CEO AlphaTrue, and Mrs. Lynn Hoang -CEO of Binance Southeast Asian, Mr. Tuan continued participating in a discussion session on the topic of “Technology companies transforming before the blockchain trend”.

Mr.Tuan participated in discussion session

Mr.Tuan participated in discussion session

As the head of SotaTek and a Member of the VBU’s Executive Board, Mr. Tuan has given many new perspectives on Blockchain, contributing to the "popularization" of this seemingly sublime technology.

Details at: 



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