As an essential part of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), testing and quality assurance allow you to catch the bugs, issues with flow, UX/ UI design,... before launching. However, an unskilled testing team can miss errors during the testing process. And any mistakes made by your team can result in significant financial losses, as fixing software faults and defects after release is not only difficult but also time-consuming and expensive. Concerns about the project's high complexity, short completion time, or a lack of deep knowledge among internal employees are some of the factors that motivate many businesses to outsource testing software development projects. Now, to gain more insights about Software Testing Outsourcing, let's check this blog below!

1. What Is Software Testing Outsourcing?

You may have heard the term “Software Outsourcing" for web applications, mobile app development, UI/ UX design, etc. But have you ever considered “Software Testing Outsourcing"? Similar to Software Development Outsourcing, the term Software Testing Outsourcing refers to the process of looking for another IT company to test the final product for them. The rest of the development process is usually not associated with this step. And this Software Testing Outsourcing Company is just responsible for ensuring that the generated software functions properly. Using Quality Assurance (QA), they would check that the final product is free of bugs and code oddities.

The Quality Assurance stage plays an important role in deciding the success of the software. If your final products can't meet the customers' needs, you will lose the customer base, sales, and revenue. Just in 2020, the poor software quality will cost $2.08 trillion. Therefore, to avoid this situation and prioritize customer satisfaction, businesses can choose to outsource software testing to specialized teams focused on user experience. Outsourcing also allows you to concentrate on your core business while the testing process is handled by a QA specialist.

2. When Do You Consider Software Testing Outsourcing?

a. The Internal Team Lacks The Skills and Resources

Your internal team, especially for start-ups, cannot be experts in all areas. Small businesses often lack the necessary skills and resources to provide QA testing services. As a result, choosing another IT Outsourcing firm is a preferable option. They know all the best practices, techniques, and testing methodologies to get the most out of the QA process.

Software Testing Outsourcing can help when the internal team lacks skill and resources
Software Testing Outsourcing can help when the internal team lacks skill and resources

b. Business Needs To Hit A Tight Deadline

It is hard for your internal team to meet a tight deadline after tirelessly working on the development phase. Your team is exhausted and lacks the skills and resources to do rapid testing. Therefore, to meet this deadline, you should turn to an outsourced QA testing service. Their experience and efficient workflows allow them to perform high-quality testing in a short amount of time, hence, you can meet even the most stringent deadlines.

c. It Is A Short-term Project

QA Outsourcing saves your budget on equipment and expertise required for software testing. This can be more effective than spending money training your internal team. Besides, you don't want to hire an entire staff of QA testers for a short-term project.

For example, your business wants to add API features to the existing CRM system, which only lasts for a few weeks to be launched. You want to make sure the program works, but no one on your team knows how to test software. In this case, you can outsource to a well-known IT company for software testing to protect the security of your client and company data.

3. Why Choose Software Testing Outsourcing?

a. Cost-effective

Cost is always the first concern of businesses when it comes to software development. And software testing outsourcing can save you a huge amount of cost and time in the long run. The cost savings will be realized in the following ways:

  • Human resources: You save money by not hiring a qualified testing team.
  • Project time: Skilled teams will be able to do more in less time.
  • Data and hardware: Quality testing does not necessitate the purchase of data or hardware.

b. Efficient

Whether it is manual or automated testing, it may give you superior testing techniques and greater quality assurances. Tools for test automation aren't cheap, but the skill and mindset in testing are what matter. And they may have looked at issues that a human tester would have discovered.

c. Test Variety

The diversity of tests available is one of the most significant advantages of software testing outsourcing. To begin, your company can select between manual and automated testing methods. While the former is completed by humans, the latter is executed using automated testing software solutions.

Besides, outsourced testers can also perform many forms of testing, such as: 

  • Unit testing
  • Integration testing
  • System testing
  • Interface testing
  • Regression testing
  • Acceptance testing
  • Performance testing
  • Security testing

Types of testing

Types of testing

4. Final Thoughts

To conclude, if your internal testing team lacks the resources or knowledge to effectively test software, you should hire a software testing outsourcing company. Testing service providers will invest in the most up-to-date testing technologies and tools in order to provide you with the finest in usability, functionality, and performance.
Hundreds of organizations/ businesses/ start-ups may now wonder themselves relating to “Which is the best company for software testing?”. To know more information, please drop us a message. Having expertise in testing many previous projects, SotaTek tester and quality assurance team can quickly identify what tasks need to be completed, where coding faults exist, and how to fix them. Besides, we offer a wide variety of independent software testing & QA services, such as Web App Testing, Mobile App Testing, Functional Testing, Usability Testing, Compatibility Testing, Security Testing, and Performance Testing. By outsourcing QA to SotaTek, you don’t only cut costs but also achieve better business outcomes.

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