Acquiring customers can be a good thing, but how to transform them into loyal ones plays a more critical role than the former. This can be explained by the fact that loyal customers tend to spend massively on your products and services and do word-of-mouth marketing for your brand as well. Therefore, creating a Loyalty App is no longer a choice anymore. Instead, it becomes a must-have software for any business, be it a start-up or a big one, in order to survive in the competitive market. Now, let’s take a look at this blog to learn more about 3 justifications to build a Loyalty Program App!

1. Loyalty App Development Increases Revenues 

These days, increasing businesses, especially those in the retail and F&B industry, have applied the Remote Order and Payment Feature to their Loyalty App. Instead of having to depend on third-party providers, customers now can easily order their favorite items, accumulate order points, check points, redeem rewards... with just one mobile application, which can greatly increase their loyalty. Moreover, in the context of COVID-19 when the reduced contact is preferred, integrating this feature in the Customer Loyalty Software enables the brands to continue increasing sales and making profits. To make an order, after indulging themselves in various choices to pick their favorite one, the Loyalty Program App may ask customers to provide payment information and optionally, other information such as shipping preference. Users can choose among several choices of payment, such as Bank Transfer, Payment through Digital wallets or Cash on Delivery, then wait for items to be shipped.

An example of integrated features in loyalty program app

An example of integrated features in Loyalty Program App, which helps to boost sales and revenues.

Besides, the digital rewards program in Loyalty App also acts as an incentive for users to repeat orders. Normally, for each successful order, the customers will receive a corresponding number of bonus points. Just like that, when they reach a certain point threshold, for example 100 points, they would be promoted, receive some discount vouchers or free items for their next purchase. Because the promise of such a free cup of coffee or a snack, or a reward, drives them to keep coming back. This helps businesses turn one-time purchases into regular ones, as a result, boost the overall revenues.

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2. AI Chatbot In Loyalty Program App Improves Customer Service

Customer Loyalty Software does not only bring about offers and bonuses but it is also known as an effective and convenient method to support your customers. It is undeniable that no one wouldn’t appreciate the 24/7 support. So, if you can serve your users, let them ask about your products and services any day and anytime, it is likely that they would become your loyal customers. Thanks to AI Chatbot Application In Loyalty App, any brand can meet such customers’ demands. 

You must have known “What is Chatbot used for?”. Simple chatbots can respond to users based on a selection of integrated answers that have already been established. At a higher level, such AI-driven chatbots are generally more complicated, interactive and personalized than task-oriented chatbots. Over time with data, they become more contextually aware, then leverage natural language understanding as well as apply predictive intelligence to personalize a user’s experience. As a result, instead of having to wait for staff for a long time, it might get only a few minutes for customers to get help, which no doubt can enhance the customer experience. 

3. Customer Loyalty Software Allows Personalizing Offers

Mobile Loyalty App is a perfect way to collect customers’ data and send them personalized offers. For example, businesses could get an insight into which services or items are most popular, how often users drop by as well as their shopping habits, their likes and dislikes. Besides, along with the available cloud-based data storage in the Salesforce CRM system, it is easier to keep track of the customers' information, such as their birthday, purchase history,... After collecting and analyzing these data, the brands could find out the users’ preferences in order to utilize the loyalty programs that suit their needs. For example, Coca-Cola with the “Share a Coke” campaign, which allowed replacing the soft drinks logo with consumer names, helped this brand see sales rise for the first time in more than a decade (0.4% for 12 weeks). This example highlights the significance of researching data to create unique and customized promotions to survive in the competitive market.

Collecting and analyzing customer data helps brands optimize personalized offers

Collecting and analyzing customers' data helps brands optimize personalized offers.

According to a survey, almost half of buyers are likely to purchase items that they do not initially plan to buy after receiving a personalized recommendation. However, businesses often underestimate the importance of personalization, making only 22% of loyalty program members say they are satisfied with the level of personalization they receive. Therefore, it is highly recommended that brands should take time to analyze the users’ behaviors, put them in each segmentation and provide suitable recommendations. This can help a lot to keep customers as well as boost sales. Users who are offered more relevant product recommendations, messaging, discounts can decrease the possibility of cart abandonment and drive faster purchase completion. Moreover, it also assists buyers to save time searching for new products. 

4. Final Thoughts: How To Get Started With Loyalty App?

Whether you are a small business or run a big corporation, developing a Loyalty Program App would never be the wrong solution. This software development can gain and retain customer loyalty as well as replace the old punch card rewards systems many small businesses used to rely on. To spread your Loyalty App existence, don’t miss out on utilizing QR codes at checkout linking with your mobile app!

In case you need a Custom Software Development Company to build your own Mobile App for B2C or B2B Customer Loyalty Programs, SotaTek can lend you a hand. Regardless of any industries you are majoring in, be it Retail, E-commerce or F&B, feel free to contact us to discuss more. Our dedicated and creative experts, who specialize in many development languages: Swift, Kotlin, React Native,... would definitely satisfy your requirements.

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