In the digital age, the number of Tech Vendors is increasing dramatically, which creates various choices for any business and brand. However, it also brings about the challenging task for them to pick the right and reliable one who can satisfy their needs. Besides, the software is at the heart of every successful organization, be it a small startup or a multinational corporation, therefore, when choosing a Software Development Partner, many issues are taken into consideration, such as experienced leadership, costs and quotes, developers’ expertise, location, etc. Among various criteria, the most important one is no doubt the Industry Experience. Why does it matter? Let’s check it out to learn more! 

1. Why Looking For A Software Development Partner?

Actually, a business has to search for a Software Development Provider in many situations. The most popular reason is that they may want to build a new digital solution, such as a mobile application or a web-based one. At that time, it is necessary to initially clarify which outsourcing model to choose. Do they want the IT partner to provide a full team, ranging from a project manager to front-end, back-end developers and QAs? Or their business would appoint a manager to supervise all tasks of the outsourcing team?  

A popular reason when finding a Software Provider is to build a new digital solution

A popular reason when finding a Software Provider is to build a new digital solution.

Besides, they can also find a trusted IT partner to upgrade the existing software product their business already has. For example, if they have an outdated mobile app, a Software Development Partner could integrate some lacking features or cutting-edge functionalities in their existing one, such as adding AI Chatbots, Blockchain, IoT, and other technologies, depending on their needs.

2. Why Is Industry Experience Important In Finding A Tech Vendor?

Before kicking off a partnership with a specific vendor, make sure that the company has hands-on experience in your industry. Wonder yourself first with some questions: Are you planning to build a FinTech app?, Or do you want to launch a platform making use of the latest PropTech trend?,... Each industry comes with a slightly different technological paradigm so it is necessary to take time to search for a company that has already done similar projects before. Since such developers have domain knowledge, they can take advantage of their previous experiences within your niche, handle your specific vertical, implement the right solution and ensure that the final software development meets all the required regulatory standards.

For instance, a Healthcare Software Development Partner needs to understand some basic regulations related to HIPPA compliance. Companies in the financial sector should be able to avoid storing credit card information on their website. Moreover, in case you are considering releasing a social media campaign, you should work with Tech Vendor that knows how to connect with an audience that may be in entirely different time zones. Likewise, a real estate agent would need a completely different approach from e-commerce sites. To sum up, not every business and sector is the same, and the solution is not, either.

3. How To Know If The Software Development Partner Has Experiences In Your Niche?

There are a variety of ways to check out whether the Tech Vendor you are considering specializes in your sector or not. Here they are:

  • Check Website: Starting with the basic step by reading the information on the Vendor’s website. It is undeniable that no IT companies want to hide their skills, in contrast, they are likely to show as much as they can to attract new clients. So, dig deep into their website to know more about some highlight points, such as annual reports, industry experience, blogs and news, and etc.
  • Portfolio: The Software Development Provider tends to display all of their projects in the portfolio. By exploring it, you may know which industry they have catered to before (healthcare, retail, real estate,...). Moreover, the portfolio also shows how this firm has handled various challenges to successfully launch the final products that can meet the clients’ demands. They would mention the technology stacks and tools the developers effectively utilized and the testing processes so that you can see if they are suitable for your project. 
  • Industry Award: Which awards and recognitions have the vendor earned? In particular, look for specialized industry awards given by famous organizations or reliable ranking lists, such as Recognition in the Healthcare sector.
  • Degree of Industry Focus: Some companies have developers or divisions that specialize in certain industries. So, it is highly recommended to review the provider’s senior management biographical profiles for evidence of this focus. Don’t forget to check if the vendor’s staff have earned specialized certifications and credentials in your industry as well.
  • Word of Mouth Referrals: Another useful step is to ask for client references or your industry peers. Such references are exactly the authentic feedback to know how well a Tech Vendor performs in your sector.

After going through all of the aforementioned processes, you may find one or two reliable and trustworthy partners. To foster your trust once again as well as to pick one, you can feel free to pick up the phone and communicate directly with this Software Development Partner. Prepare questions in advance and go through each point. Documenting your conversations during the selection process will lessen the risk of unpleasant inquiries from the audit later. Finally, you must have chosen a Tech Vendor who is ready to accompany you to prepare for the upcoming projects.

You can communicate directly with Software Development Partner to foster the trust once again

You can communicate directly with Software Development Partner to foster the trust once again.

4. Final Thoughts

Finding a Custom Software Development Partner for your project has never been easy. Instead, it takes time and a lot of effort to approach the right one who can assist you with any problem you may face. However, once you have initiated a successful and long-term partnership with a Tech Vendor, you may see your business elevate to a high level. So, choose wisely!

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