The Ubet client wants to build a system that allows end-users to place a bet using blockchain tokens. The betting will follow the ratio that is provided by the world’s leading provider of sports betting data services such as betradar.com.

The system must be:

  • Handle 30.000 concurrent users
  • Focus on user experiences with low latency
  • Security
  • Performance efficiency
  • Scalability

AWS core services:

  • Event processing: AWS MSK ( AWS Managed Streaming kafka)
  • Storage layers:  RDS Aurora multi-AZ , Elasticache Redis and Mongodb Atlas
  • ECS Fargate with Autoscaling
  • Security: WAF
  • Encryption: KMS

Ubet system

After the PoC phase, Sotatek team has levaraged AWS services to achieve all aspects.

The heart of the system that is MSK, Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (AWS MSK) is the ideal solution for processing data from Betradar in real-time. With AWS MSK, you can seamlessly ingest and analyze the vast amounts of data generated by Betradar's sports betting and sports data solutions. It offers a fully managed, highly available, and secure Kafka service, allowing you to easily scale and optimize your data pipelines. Whether you need to power live odds updates, analyze game statistics, or drive real-time insights for sports betting, AWS MSK ensures that your data processing is efficient, reliable, and ready to meet the demands of Betradar's data-intensive applications.

The second core component is AWS ECS with Auto Scaling feature, which helps us to adapt to suddenly spike traffic from AWS ELB and the dynamic world of sports betting data, especially during weekends when the demand for real-time updates peaks.

Next aspect, security is one of the important features we applied. After releasing the product to end-users, we got too many requests from Bad Bot and many attackers tried to attack the system by DDoS, SQL injection, XSS … And AWS WAF with managed rules and user-defined rules is a good option for our team to track and prevent malicious activity. 

Besides, Ubet is a system containing the user’s financial information, blockchain data. So, Encryption at rest by AWS key management service (KMS) and following GDPR, PCI DSS standards is a must.

That is our short information about the Ubet system that we have deployed on AWS cloud. For more information, visit https://ubet.io/. Hope that you enjoy it!


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