Most businesses still have conservations over Vietnam IT outsourcing services due to various misconceptions. This situation is understandable as geographic distance and information overload can cause confusion. So to clear up these misunderstandings, let’s decode the three most popular myths, and find out if the Vietnam-based software outsourcing team can actually live up to your expectation.

Myth 1: “I don’t care if it is Vietnamese or Indian team. Just outsourcing/offshore software, in general, does not convince me.”

  • Recognized Quality: Actually, various dominant enterprises (like ASUS, LG, Panasonic, Nestlé, and many more) have already been so accustomed to hiring an outsource/offshore software team to build their technical systems. They have done it for over a decade and now continue to reinforce their technology capabilities with these experienced teams. According to Global Outsourcing Survey by Deloitte, companies in the US turn to offshore options to embrace flexibility, speed to market, access to tools and processes, and agility.
  • Cost optimization: There are no recent statistics on how much enterprises save by hiring IT outsourcing partners. However, a 2003 McKinsey Global Institute study states outsourcing IT services reduces cost by 60% in the US. And 80% of decision-makers in the US industry placed cost optimization on top of the outsourcing objective list in 2020.
  • Effortless Communication: Most companies worry about overlapping between two teams due to timezone differences. But with the wide range of tools available, including Google Docs, Spreadsheet, GitHub, and the right working process, running an outsourcing team can be highly efficient. For example: 
    • Product owner (USA based) reviews critical tickets and their priorities
    • Developers (Vietnam based) update status (if any)
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SotaTek’s client values efficient communication with our Vietnam-based software outsourcing team.

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Myth 2: Vietnamese workforce’s English proficiency is limited

This fact is true when you are adding up the figures for Vietnamese English proficiency of many other age groups and educational backgrounds. However, the statistics on the high-quality workforce are showing a contradictory result. Let’s scan over the IELTS Test Statistics as it is now the most popular and recognized standardized test of English language proficiency for non-native English language speakers in Vietnam, especially among young talents.

best vietnam software outsourcing team

The most updated IELTS Test Statistics in 2019

Vietnamese overall IELTS score is now staying at 6.1. The figure is higher than China’s, Japan’s, Thailand’s and equivalent to that of India. This number partly proves that Vietnamese’s qualified talents are no less competitive than the other developing and developed countries in terms of academic English proficiency.

Myth 3: Vietnamese developers seem to stay behind when it comes to technology capabilities

The norm is changing now. Data from the Global Skills Index 2020 report rated Vietnamese technology skills second in the Asia Pacific and 22nd globally. This number is showing that Vietnam is in a more competitive position than India, Thailand, and many other countries in the region. Moreover, Vietnam IT Landscape 2020 states that the Vietnamese workforce now owns 400,000 IT engineers, and Vietnamese developers rank Top 9 on the TopCoder chart for the most first-place finishes in challenges of all time.
Vietnamese IT engineers are fast-forwarding their stature in terms of quality and quantity to create state-of-the-art technology solutions for society. And that also includes our dynamic talents at SotaTek's Vietnam-based software outsourcing team. Our experienced experts specialize in the optimization of software development, blockchain, AI, and many more. To benefit from our expertise, or just to say hello, get in touch today.

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