Since the rocketing rise of Bitcoin and Blockchain from 2017-2021, countless projects such as mobile apps, games, etc bloomed using blockchain technology. It became one of the hottest technologies in every industry. That’s when The market was in desperate need of blockchain developers. Although 2022 witnessed a “crypto winter”, the net worth of the Blockchain market is still expected to be around $20 billion in 2024. It is also getting more and more crucial to stay competitive in the industry as demand for blockchain app developers rises. Developers must be knowledgeable about the best languages for blockchain development to be competitive. So, if you’re already a blockchain developer or intend to learn a blockchain coding language, just read this article to find out about the best blockchain programming language!

1. Solidity – The Best Blockchain Programming Language 

Solidity is now the most-used blockchain coding language for writing smart contracts that run on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Solidity was developed by Ethereum, which is best suited for solving problems existing in coding blockchain projects. 

Solidity serves as a versatile, dependable, safe, and exact medium for different sources when two parties are building smart contracts. However, the contract cannot have additional features, which is one of the contract’s drawbacks.

Solidity is an ideal programming language for writing smart contracts

Solidity is an ideal programming language for writing smart contracts.

JavaScript, C++, and Python all had a significant influence on the development of Solidity. If you have a fundamental understanding of those languages, according to Solidity founder Christian Reitwiessner, learning Solidity should be rather simple. Therefore, Solidity is a good programming language for people with experience in JavaScript, C++, Python, or who want to learn more about developing smart contracts.

2. Rust

Rust is a popular blockchain coding language for developing smart contracts on chains such as Solana and NEAR. Rust has recently gained a reputation for implementing innovative, irreversible, and consistent solutions. It was even named the most popular programming language in Stack Overflow’s developer survey, with 87% of developers saying they intend to continue using it.

The language enables open-source blockchain developers to build frameworks that are both concise and robust. It also offers a highly effective method for dealing with configurable states, excellent source code, expanded memory options, and exploring new possibilities based on total opportunities. Although Rust is a fast and efficient framework, it is still relatively new and difficult to grasp.

3. Ruby

Ruby, developed in Japan by Yukihiro Matsumoto, focuses on simplicity and productivity which makes it developer-friendly and easy to handle. Through third-party APIs and plugins, Ruby allows developers to frame Blockchain Programming. It supports multi-paradigm, which means that developers can create Blockchain Programming on multiple platforms.

No programming language, including Ruby, is perfect. One of Ruby’s main disadvantages is its lack of flexibility and processing speed. It’s also difficult to debug and occasionally produces run-time errors. Based on your demand, you can decide whether Ruby is suitable for your projects.

4. Golang

Go or Golang is an open-source blockchain coding language that was developed at Google and was based on C. Go is a fantastic programming language for creating quick and effective Blockchain applications. It is the ideal language for building hyper ledger fabric, the basis for building Blockchain applications.

Go is designed to be a robust, multipurpose language that combines the performance and security benefits of C with the syntax and user-friendliness of contemporary languages like Python and JavaScript. Given its simple, legible syntax and quick compilation time, this is one of the best programming languages for blockchain development. Currently, over 800,000 developers use the Go programming language.

5. C++

C++ is a well-known programming language because Satoshi Nakamoto used it to create the Bitcoin chain.

It’s widely used in the technology world, including Software Development and  Blockchain Development also. Because of its numerous capabilities, such as move semantics, primitive control over memory, advanced multi-threading, and other object-oriented features such as function overloading, and runtime polymorphism. 

C++ is a very popular programming language not only for Software Development but also for Blockchain Development

C++ is a very popular programming language not only for Software Development but also for Blockchain Development

C++ is extremely suitable for blockchain since it provides superior CPU and memory control—two features that are crucial for any blockchain—as well as great efficiency, code isolation, and compile time polymorphism.

6. What is the Best Blockchain Programming Language 

In conclusion, blockchain technology is rapidly growing and has the potential to revolutionize various industries. The five programming languages mentioned in this article – Solidity, Rust, Ruby, Golang, and C++ – are the most popular and widely used for blockchain development. They offer a variety of features and advantages that make them well-suited for blockchain development. 

While each language has its own strengths, developers must choose the language that best fits the specific requirements of their project. It is also worth mentioning that this field is constantly evolving and new programming languages could emerge as the top choices for blockchain development in the future. Nevertheless, the five programming languages discussed in this article are a great starting point for anyone looking to break into the exciting world of blockchain development.

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