In the Software Development process, designing UX is one of the most essential stages, which somehow determines the customers’ and digital users’ satisfaction. In the COVID-19 pandemic, when social distancing and work-from-home is preferred, people tend to spend more time at home, hence more time surfing through thousands of webs and mobile apps. Therefore, to become outstanding to the users, it is a must for Software Providers to catch up with the latest trends in UX Design to meet their users’ needs. So, what are the current UX trends? Let’s follow this blog to catch up with the Top 05 Trends 2022!

1. Passwordless Login

It can’t be denied that passwords can be a real headache. Normally, a standard password must contain some numbers, letters, and special characters. Meanwhile, digital users have at least 30 apps on their phones so creating as well as remembering all of their passwords is a challenging task, not only for the elderly but also for the younger generation. Worse still, when they forget the password, it is really frustrating to go through various steps to reset. A survey has claimed that more than half of people forget their passwords immediately after resetting them while 65% have to note their password to their phones in order not to forget it the next time. In such circumstances, passwordless login and authentication have existed to become one of the popular UX Trends recently.

Passwordless login is used to describe some identity verification methods that no longer rely on passwords, such as biometric authentication (fingerprints, facial recognition), one-time password (OTP), PIN or log in through another mobile app (Gmail, social media). Compared to passwords which can be hard to remember, easy to be stolen, the aforementioned methods of modern login are a safe and user-friendly approach. Integrating the passwordless login in your Software Development can bring about the customers’ satisfaction as well as prompt them to come back to your app again and again.

Some examples of passwordless login which no longer rely on passwords

Some examples of passwordless login which no longer rely on passwords.

2. Advanced Personalized Experience

With the abundance of content, mobile apps, and websites to access nowadays, the one which can personalize each individual experience by offering personalized suggestions or meeting accessibility guidelines would definitely receive a positive response from the users. According to Accenture, 33% of customers abandoned a business relationship last year because personalization was lacking. Therefore, personalized UX design is really a powerful and essential tool.

To be more specific, personalization focuses on some criteria, such as location base (recommendations based on the users’ current destination), demographics (information about a personal age, gender, education level, nationality, ethnicity, or religion), and behavioral data (information about a person’s online behavior). UX designers will then make full use of such statistics to create an experience and journey based on exactly what people expect, need, or want. Some examples of successful UX personalization can be the films appearing on our Netflix suggestions, the ads on Instagram, and Facebook feeds, etc.

3. Responding To The Metaverse As Among The Upcoming UX Trends

Almost people are getting used to the phrase “Metaverse”, whose frequent usage is increasing recently, especially when Facebook changed its company name to Meta. Nike and Adidas have also officially entered the Metaverse with NFT Virtual Shoes. Known as a virtual world, the Metaverse has been developed using technological elements such as AR, VR, and video, in which users live. Following the popularity of Metaverse, the UX designs also need to be upgraded in order to create an immersive experience instead of only concentrating on how fast a task can be completed. 

Moreover, the advancement in Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) also fosters this trend in the year 2022. With Metaverse, VR, AR, people can make their own avatar, create their 3D version, and meet others in “another world”. The UX designers, therefore, are urgent to shift their design innovation to adapt to the new era of virtual interaction.

4. Air Gesture

Although Apple has adopted the touch gestures control to their iOS (double tap, one finger circular, two-finger swipe up,…), a new UX trend – air gesture – is promising to take this technology to the next level. Air Gesture Control is known as a touchless mechanism to allow users to operate their devices with their bodies and air movements. Waving, pinching, opening the palms, sliding, and swiping are all examples of actions that can be initiated. For instance, mobile users can make a palm gesture in front of the camera in order to take a selfie. In the year 2022, when the COVID-19 pandemic still spreads over the globe, touchless interactions seem to gain more popularity, and therefore, the air gesture can be dominated at the top list of UX trends. 

Air Gesture Control is a touchless mechanism to allow users to operate their devices with their bodies and air movements

Air Gesture Control is a touchless mechanism to allow users to operate their devices with their bodies and air movements.

5. Adaptable Design For New Types Of Screen

In the cutting-edge area, new gadget devices have launched annually, with various screen sizes, from small to medium and large ones, as well as various types, such as foldable and tablets. The popularity of such appliances requires the Software Providers to come up with a larger number of designs for all form factors, as well as responsiveness based on layout and components across devices. For example, Google has begun to alter and optimize its design methods to meet these new demands. To not get left behind, it is likely that other businesses will soon follow this UX trend in 2022.

6. Final Thoughts: Getting Started With The Latest UX Trends

To sum up, above are the top 5 UX Trends that can be dominated in this year 2022. If you follow those trends, you are likely to have an incredible UX design for your Web & Mobile App, which then helps your businesses and brands enhance the workflow, retain existing customers and even attract new ones. 

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