The number of people utilizing their smartphones for daily affairs, such as shopping online, ordering food, making a payment, playing games, etc, is increasing dramatically these days. Therefore, it is almost no surprise why there were roughly 230 billion app downloads on App Store, Google Play in 2021, according to Statista. The more the users’ demands are, the more mobile applications exist. In such situations, many businesses are looking for a Software Development Company to build a Super App in order to integrate all the features above. Although this idea started some years ago, the number of super apps is still on the rise recently. So, to have more detailed knowledge about this type of Mobile App Development, let’s follow this blog!  

1. What is Super App?

The term “Super App” means a platform combining unrelated services and offerings, whether in-house or third-party ones, via a single mobile interface. Instead of having various individual apps for different services, such as a social media app to get in touch with friends, a FinTech mobile app to make payment, an eCommerce platform to go shopping,… you now have a Super App to take charge of all aforementioned missions. In other words, this software development can be described as a building that offers you various services, ranging from shopping experiences, ordering food and drink to payments and even social connections. 

Normally, the Super App Development combines some essential features:

  • Payment and Financial Services: Cashless payments, Insurance, Credit and loans, QR code payments and digital rewards programs, etc.
  • Retail Services: Tourism bookings (hotels, airlines,…), Food and drinking order, etc.
  • Other functionalities: News and media contents, online communication, entertainment, cloud storage, etc. 

2. Some Outstanding Benefits Of Super App

Retain Existing Customers: With the all-in-one experience, this Mobile App Development is an ideal way for businesses and brands to retain their existing customers and transform them into loyal ones. Instead of having to download and open various platforms to finish a task, customers now can do everything just on a single platform. Therefore, it can be said that the Super App offers seamless experiences that keep users engaged. Moreover, if your super app is integrated with Digital Loyalty Programs, which encourage customers to purchase more and more, the revenue generated would definitely go high.

A Super App integrated with Digital Loyalty Programs can retain existing customers

A Super App integrated with Digital Loyalty Programs can retain existing customers.

Increase Customer Base: Not only retaining the existing customers but Super App Development can also help businesses to gain more users, hit the bigger market with minimum spending and effort. For example, if a business requires the Tech Vendor to build a social media app with the communication feature only, then such firm only has the customer base who want to utilize their phone to chat with their friends, and their family. However, when it comes to the super app, which may be integrated with another functionality, such as making a food order, the aforementioned business can no doubt gain a new customer segment in the F&B sector. 

Minimize KYC Costs and Effective Onboarding: This advantage can be achieved through the automatic sync of data from customers’ social and financial data. Take the case of FinTech apps for example. Whenever the FinTech Mobile App has new users, such companies have to pay a large amount of money to multiple vendors to run KYC and AML checks. However, in case this is a Super App, the business only needs to pay once, meaning that if a user goes through KYC or AML for GrabPay, it is unnecessary to overcome the same procedures for Grab Insurance or lending. This declines the cost of the acquisition of new customers.

3. Super Apps Have Already Dominant In Several Markets

An outstanding example of Super App is WeChat, which is Chinese software development with 1,2 billion users. Launched in 2011 as a humble messaging app, WeChat has soon transferred into an ecosystem that allows users to do literally anything, including money transactions, payments, social networks, cab services, food delivery, marketplace shopping, etc. 

Another case study can be a Super App for Drivers – a product that our SotaTek Software Professionals collaborates with Malaysian clients backed by PETRONAS. This platform is built with many cutting-edge technologies to help drivers seamlessly pay for their purchases at over 1,000 petrol stations. 

Super App for drivers is a product of SotaTek's IT proffesionals

Let’s take a look at Super App for drivers, a product of SotaTek’s IT professionals.

Grab is another Southeast Asia’s leading super app with 187 million users. Starting with the ride-hailing services, this app is now adding other features, such as delivery (food, parcels, documents) and finance (payments, e-commerce, and insurance)

4. Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that the idea of building a Super App can be beneficial for not only businesses but also their customers. However, it also raises some challenging tasks related to cost, resources, and time. Besides, if you do not have an experienced Tech Vendor, your all-in-one application can become a mess with abundant features. So, choose wisely! 

Are you ready to kickstart your Super App project? Leave us a message and we’ll reply as soon as possible. With 6+ years of experience collaborating with small start-ups, medium businesses, and even big corporations, you can rest assured that the final solutions can meet your demands and your budget as well. SotaTek is the leading Custom Software Development Company with 8 global offices, therefore, no matter where you are, what sector you are majoring in, we can serve you with full-cycle services, starting from planning, designing UI/ UX, defining, building, testing, deployment to maintenance. Now, let our partnership begin!

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