With roughly 4 million apps available on Google Play and 2 million software products on AppStore, it is undoubted that the demands for mobile app development are increasing dramatically than ever before. Many businesses, be it small start-ups or big firms, are trying to launch an app to serve their business operations and their customers as well. In such a saturated market, how to make your Software Development leading and popular to users? Besides giving a good UI/ UX interface, it is essential to keep up with the latest technologies and reflect the new trends to enhance your business services. So, to make it easy for businesses to stay updated, here are 5 Mobile App Development Trends that can be dominated in 2022. Let’s check it out!

1. 5G Technology Implementation

When it comes to the Mobile App Development trend, it is impossible to discuss without mentioning the 5G Technology. Despite being around for some recent years, 5G has not yet become standard in many areas, but it will by 2022. Many people are eager to try out the latest 5G connections and experience their seamless connectivity. According to a report, the global market for 5G infrastructure is forecast to increase from $12.9 billion to $115.4 billion between 2021 and 2026.

With the 5G connection, which promises up to 1,000 times faster speeds than 4G, there are endless possibilities in the software development industry. Development of apps that rely on technologies requiring faster connections to work properly, such as AR and VR, will get a much-needed boost as 5G becomes widely available. Moreover, the best part about the 5G network not only lies in its super-fast speed but also the more stability and less latency. This enables users to watch for 4k resolutions without any single trace of buffering or glitches.

5G technology promises up to 1000 times faster speeds than 4G

5G technology promises up to 1000 times faster speeds than 4G.

2. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

PWAs have characteristics of both native apps and web pages, hence more like a hybrid. Their uniqueness is that they counter most drawbacks of the aforementioned platforms, making them become a trend to look forward to in 2022. These apps offer less dependency on internet connections, and loading is much faster. Besides, they do not impact phone memory since they are usually smaller than 1 MB. With a Progress Web App, consumers can purchase products through devices, connections, or even operating systems. For example, Starbucks PWA operates offline but still allows its users to order and browse the menu. 

Normally, PWAs are developed with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript technology stacks, digital hybrids provide location access, BlueTooth connectivity, and push notifications functionalities. Users can feel free to try the app in Google Play or App Store without installing it.

3. Incorporating The Internet of Things (IoT)

The desired world where everything can be controlled on a smartphone is no longer impossible thanks to the IoT Integration. An analysis has shown that the market for IoT software programs will be nearly $6 billion by 2027. Also known as “smart object” or “smart thing”, this technology can connect home devices, appliances, or wearable technology to the Internet.  For example, users can use a mobile app to turn on or adjust the settings of their air conditioners before they reach home. Similarly, the apps can be used to monitor appliances, access security systems, or control devices from anytime and anywhere.

Therefore, it can be said that IoT is one of the most powerful Tech Trends to shape the future of Mobile App Development. It brings about some benefits such as delivering accurate results without delays, providing powerful security technologies that help protect both business and user data, etc.

4. Voice Search Integration

In the past, information used to be described in texts. However, as time goes by, increasing users are more interested in communicating with audio over using text information. That explains why the application utilizes audio and speech interpretation as one of the most rapidly emerging technologies in Mobile App Development. 85% of consumers use their voice to research products and the voice assistant market is predicted to rise remarkably from 2.8 billion in 2021 to 11.2 billion in 2026.

Voice search optimization can offer many advantages for both businesses and their customers. While users can save time and complete more orders, this technology also serves as a source of customer behavior analytics for brands, helping them understand their customers to deliver the exact personalized offers. 

5. Simplifying MCommerce

MCommerce, which stands for Mobile Commerce, enables users to make purchases using a mobile device. It brings about convenience for consumers as all they need to do is explore and shop products and services by opening a Mobile App. Moreover, in the context of COVID-19 where reduced contact is preferred, consumers are more likely to utilize Mobile App Development with digital payment options

M-Commerce is among the mobile app development trends in 2022

M-Commerce, which allows users to utilize their phones to make purchases, is among the mobile app development trends in 2022.

Although MCommerce has been on the rise in recent years, it is predicted to continue increasing massively, making it worth roughly $22 billion in 2022. As the market grows, it is undoubted that the Mobile App Development industry will see an increased focus on building native apps to support this emerging shopping trend. Businesses and brands would shift a major part of their business on the MCommerce platform to enhance their sales prospects as well as improve the customer experience. Besides, the Software Providers can also integrate AI & Machine Learning in the application so that the businesses easily send personalized offers and discounts to a specific target group, which can translate into sales increases. That cutting-edge technology also allows analyzing a user’s geolocation data and recommending the preferred language setting, thereby boosting user convenience.

6. Final Thoughts: Catch Up With The Latest Mobile App Development Trends

If you are wondering “What are the latest trends in Mobile App Development?”, you now may have the answer. Following the Mobile App Development Trends in 2022, you can transform the way businesses and clients interact with each other. Adopting these trends and corresponding technologies as well as functionalities, your Software Product can stay competitive and offer a great user experience.

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