SotaTek is proud to announce that we have reached a strategic partnership agreement with MADworld – an Animoca Joint Venture company. Since then, we’ve taken serious efforts to develop NFT Marketplace for our customers, providing a rich and exclusive platform for both physical and digital collectibles.

SotaTek Joins MADworld Project As A Technical Partner

SotaTek and MADworld have officially collaborated on a groundbreaking NFT Marketplace. This platform combines the use of the DAO mechanism, NFT & NFC and aims to transform products, businesses, and industries by combining digital and physical experiences. 

We believe that based on the experience launching multiple NFT Marketplaces in previous projects, the SotaTek team can manage to consult, research and develop functions to support MADworld future path.

About MADworld

MAD stands for Multiverse Artist Defender. It’s a multiverse NFT platform for both physical and digital collectibles that safeguards the artist’s and creator’s value and authenticity. Users can buy digital NFT assets or a bundle of physical and digital NFT assets on this NFT blockchain marketplace. For creators, it gives them a new market value on their commodities, adding a second life to their products, and extending the shelf-life for what were disposable or fad-sensitive collectibles, thereby maximizing the appeal. For collectors, they are provided with effortless access to the crypto artwork trading market and lower the high barrier of entry.

MADworld NFT Marketplace platform has its own token, called UMAD

  • UMAD tokens are used for administrative purposes. The community will vote on the direction of MADWorld’s development.
  • On MADWorld, you can purchase and trade NFTs with UMAD tokens.
  • Stake UMAD tokens for profit rewards and unique NFTs.

About SotaTek

SotaTek was established in 2015 with the goal of helping clients digitally transform and grow their businesses. SotaTek quickly expands its global presence over the operation of 7+ years, serving clients from 20+ countries and completing 350+ projects in various industries such as Finance, Health care, Retail, Logistics, etc.

Our 750+ in-house employees are specialized in delivering sustainable Blockchain solutions (NFT Marketplaces, cryptocurrency exchange, Metaverse,…) and other Custom Software Development, Ai & Machine Learning projects, as well as Odoo ERP.

If you are finding a trusted Tech Partner, contact us for a free quote and consultation.

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