We are pleased to share our latest partnership that promises to bring more exciting opportunities to our clients. SotaTek has teamed up with Mitoworld, a no-code metaverse SaaS platform, to provide technical support and consultation services. This partnership allows us to expand our reach and provide more innovative solutions to clients.

What to expect from this partnership?

As a part of this collaboration, SotaTek is a trusted Technical partner, bringing top-notch technical services to Mitoworld and its clients. Simultaneously, Mitoworld extends its support to SotaTek by assisting Metaverse development via the platform.

We are excited about this partnership’s possibilities and look forward to working closely with Mitoworld to deliver more value to our clients in the virtual world.

About Mitoworld

Mitoworld is a no-code metaverse SaaS platform that allows users to create a metaverse within minutes. It is easy to use, customize, deploy and share. Powered by Virtualtech Frontier and backed by 500 Global and Blockchain Founders Fund, Mitoworld’s platform is set out to become the go-to solution for brands and communities to explore exciting methods of brand expression in the metaverse.

About SotaTek

SotaTek is a leading Software Development company based in Vietnam with international representative offices located in Japan, Australia, Korea, and the USA. SotaTek focuses on providing a wide range of services using emerging technologies. We continually update our solutions by incorporating cutting-edge technologies such as Blockchain, AI, and Machine Learning, to provide top-notch ideas and services to clients.

With a vision to become an industry leader, SotaTek commits to delivering world-class IT services to all industries across the globe and has become a trusted technology partner in the APAC region.

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