SotaTek is pleased to announce a new partnership with Pala, Korea’s #1 NFT Marketplace. Since its establishment, Pala has followed the goals of building a new community-driven Web3 ecosystem powered by NFTs. 

The Collaboration to Support Web3 Ecosystem

The strong base and high capability in Blockchain technology offer SotaTek numerous opportunities to work with amazing partners, and Pala is one among them. 

Through this partnership, our development team will support Pala in their future projects, together creating booming Web3 platforms powered by NFTs. Besides, we will also exchange experiences, knowledge, advice, and connecting resources. 

Stay tuned for what we’ll create in the near future!

About Pala

Pala Inc. is a joint venture between Naver Snow and Alchera and exists to build a new community-driven Web3 ecosystem powered by NFTs. It operates Pala, Korea’s #1 NFT marketplace, driven by scam-free curated project listings, zero commission fees, the most convenient wallet integrations, best-in-class search engine in English and Korean, and many more.

Pala, Korea’s #1 NFT marketplace:

  • scam-free curated project listings
  • zero commission fees 
  • most convenient wallet integrations
  • the best-in-class search engine in English and Korean
  • and many more.

About SotaTek

SotaTek is the largest Blockchain Company in APAC that owns 1000+ experienced in-house employees. As the abbreviation for the company’s name “State-of-the-art Technology”, we reach across the technology & business sectors and harness our various talents into one goal – to help Clients adopt State-of-the-art Technology.

25+ global clients and 500+ successful projects are all demonstrations of our capabilities. No matter which industry you are in (Healthcare, Education, Logistics, eCommerce, Retail, Finance,…), we can offer you top-notch services with cost optimization.

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